October 23rd, 2012 iPad Meeting

Hello iPad users! We had our 2nd meeting this semester and we talked about some great Apps. If you own an iPad you know you can’t survive without good apps so sit back and enjoy as we talk about some cool apps you can use everyday.

First, as a Pace University student you have a resource called an E-Portfolio. An e-portfolio is a little showcase of yourself as you can write a little about yourself, post some great work you have done in your classes, and upload your resume as well. But have you ever wondered if you would be able to upload anything onto your E-Portfolio on the go? Pace users can now upload images and videos with their mobile devices with PortfolioUp. This free app allows users to take pictures/videos from their mobile device and upload it directly to the files section on ePortfolio. For more information on this app head over to our Pace University E-Portfolio Blog!

Forget about annotating your textbooks and not being able to sell it, because there is an app right under all of our noses that will cure all of everyone’s problem, Adobe Reader!

We all know what Adobe Reader can do, you can read any PDF files but what it never let you do was to actually treat what your reading like a real book. In the newest version you can highlight, underline, mark, leave a comment and you can even sign your own name on the file. And the best part of this, is that you are able to read it the same way on a computer so you have no worries on anything going missing if you want to read it on a computer.

This is a great app for those wanting to read something like a textbook and that they want to keep track and want to highlight some important information. From experience this app has really helped me understand what I was reading and helped me study better for my finals. This app is recommended for teachers as well as they can highlight or note the things they may want to discuss in their classes!

Lastly we talked about an app that can work like a PC called Onlive. Onlive is an app that allows you work like you were on a PC. You can work with a Microsoft Word, Excel or even Powerpoint document. When you create an account with Onlive you can save your files onto your account which you can get access anywhere with internet! Onlive is good for those who love the iPad but might want to get the PC feel again.

Our next iPad meeting will be held Wednesday, November 28 12:20-1:20pm. All meetings will be held via video conference  in Miller 16 in PLV and Civic E319 in NYC. We hope to see you there!

App Spotlight: Find My iPhone

Have you wondered what you would do if you ever lost your iPad?! Well I have, but have no fear, there is an app that will find your iPad if you lose it! The app is actually called Find My iPhone. What this app allows you to do is sync your Apple iCloud account and track your iPhone or iPad anywhere on the go. You can track your iPad from a computer at school, work, or even from your mobile device. But here is the great thing; if you lose your iPad you can track its exact location and be able to find it! There are many great features built into this app. If you do lose your iPad you can  play a sound which can help you to locate it if it is nearby. You can also lock the iPad remotely, or even erase all data from your iPad so no thieves can gain access to your information.  To get started simply download the Find My iPhone app on the device you wish you track and then sign in on a computer or another Internet enabled device at http://www.icloud.com and track your iPad!

September 18, 2012 iPad Meeting

Hello iPad users! We are back in the thick of things and it’s starting to get really exciting. If you missed our last iPad meeting, fear not as we have a recap of what we discussed.

We first received a demonstration of the new Pace University app which was described in our last post; please read it for all the latest news on Pace’s new app.

Our guest presenters discussion began with an introduction to an app called Nearpod. There are two versions: one for a teacher and one for a student and both are free. This app is great for instructors who want to find a way to integrate iPads in the classroom. Nearpod takes any lectures or slideshows you might want to show your class and shows them synchronously on the iPad. The great thing about that is you have total control over the presentation on not only your iPad, but the students as well; so you are notified if they “leave” the presentation.

How do professors get started? You can create a free account at the Nearpod website. Once you do that you can download the free app via the app store. After that you can sign into your account through the app. Then that is where all the fun begins as you start to create your lecture slides. You can even interact with students by putting some response questions or even some quizzes. Now you can really know if they are really paying attention.

Each time that a Nearpod presentation is launched a new PIN is generated. The PIN can be located on the Nearpod Teacher app, at the very top of the screen. This PIN is distributed to all of the students who will be participating in the presentation, and those students enter the PIN into the Nearpod Student app to interact with and view the presentation.

Another great feature for professors is to monitor their students. You can take attendance and see who stays throughout the entire lecture and who has left as well. This will make it a lot easier for professors to track who is participating in class.

Lastly, a bit of exciting news was released regarding the new iPad Cart that is now available on the Pleasantville Campus for Professors to use. Up to 30 iPads are now available for professors to use during classes!  You can submit your order for it through the Ed Media classroom order form on the Pace Help Desk system.

Our next meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 23 2012 from 3:30-4:30! All meetings will be held via video conference  in Miller 16 in PLV and Civic E 319 in NYC. Be there or be iPad less!

Pace Mobile App and iOS 6 both available!

Pace Information Technology Services (ITS) is proud to offer our Pace Mobile application to students, faculty, and staff. Over the past few months ITS has been creating and implementing a Phase I build of our Pace Mobile App. Our current application offers a variety of modules for the iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices and so far has had 2199 downloads in the first week alone!.

 Below is the summary of what you will see when you download the app:

(Please note: These may vary across platform builds.)


  • Videos (links to Pace’s YouTube)
  • News (links to Pace’s Pace Pulse publication)
  • Contacts (provides key University contacts)
  • Links (links to m.pace.edu)
  • Images (links to Pace’s Flickr account)
  • Blackboard Learn (links to Blackboards Mobile Learn App)
  • Maps (provides building locations and additional building information)
  • iTunes U (links to Pace’s iTunes)

For more information and updates visit the following site: Pace Mobile App.

We would love to here what you think about the app, please send comments and suggestions to itshelpdesk@pace.edu



(Picture Credit: Apple)

Apple has come out with iOS 6 for all iPhone and iPad users! There are many updates to maps, Siri and even better Facebook and Twitter integration.

For more information about the new updates head to the Apple Website .

Welcome back iPad Users!

Welcome back all iPad users! We have another exciting semester ahead of us. This year we will focus on some useful apps, tips and tricks, as well as a host of other iPad related topics! Meetings are open to everyone, even students without an iPad! If you have anything you would like us to discuss or have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

iPad User Group Meeting Schedule:

Tuesday, September 18 3:30-4:30pm  *Please download the free Nearpod Student app for this meeting.

Tuesday, October 23 3:30-4:30pm

Wednesday, November 28 12:20-1:20pm

Tuesday, December 18 3:30-4:30pm

All meetings will be held via video conference  in Miller 16 in PLV and Civic E 319 in NYC.

We hope to see you at every meeting.

May 8th, 2012 iPad Meeting

Hello again iPad users,

We just had our last iPad meeting of the semester and this one got us excited for what the iPad has in store for future semesters. The theme of the meeting was using the iPad in the classroom. Even though a lot of students on our campus may not have an iPad, maybe the experiences shared by the professors at Seton Hill University might have changed some minds about investing in one.

Our guests were professors and directors from Seton Hill University. Melissa Alsing who is the director of IT and Dennis Stern, who is an English professor at the university, talked about everyone on campus having an iPad and MacBook in their own hands. This program is called the Griffin Technology Advantage. He talked about the integration of iPads in the classroom and he talked about ways he used them in class. You can watch some videos here explaining how professors and students love using the iPad and how it helps them in class. Two other guests from Seton Hill were Kathy Harris and Mary Spataro, who both work in Education/Teaching. They described the experience of using iPads in class as encouraging. They enjoyed the fact that students were more engaged and more motivated to do well.

One main question posed was whether or not there are useful apps that students can really utilize in class? The answer is yes with apps like Blackboard or even simple note taking apps. One of our other guests from Apple, Steve Prekop asked a very important question which was, “Are there any classes on making apps? Taking classes like these no matter what skill level can be a great thing to take as  you may come up with the new coolest app that everyone uses on the iPad!”

We hope after reading and looking around Seton Hill University’s website that this might convince you to get an iPad. The model that they have adopted of an “iPad 2 for Everyone” is nothing short of a brilliant way to set their students up for successful college careers. iPads are great for classes as you feel more engaged and more excited to learn. There are many subject specific apps that help you reinforce what you already know, as well as give you the tools needed to take the next step in your course.

This was a very successful semester and we hope to see you come September with your iPad at our kick off meeting (date, time, and location TBD). If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them here or bring them to the next meeting.

8 Steps to edit your ePortfolio on the go!

By Samantha Egan

Editing Your ePortfolio On-the-Go:
How to Add Content From Your iPad and iPhone!


Who isn’t “on-the-go” these days? Make the most of your downtime on the train, plane or wherever your busy day takes you, to update your ePortfolio (step away from the Angry Birds, please)!

Editing on the iPad:

Step 1: Log in to ePortfolio
Step 2: Exit Safari, and go to “Settings”
Step 3: On the Menu bar click Safari and turn OFF JavaScript
Step 4: Exit Settings
Step 5: Go back to Safari
Step 6: When you are back onto ePortfolio click “edit this page”
Step 7: There will be radio buttons that allow you to click and then click an empty bar to place it in that area
Step 8: For editing, just click “Edit” or if you would like to move any section, use the arrow keys located right next to the heading of each section

While you do not have all of the editing options on the iPad that you would on a laptop or computer, these steps make it possible to upload your files to your profile page.

Uploading Images From The iPhone

Did you just snap a great photo from your iPhone that would look great on one of your pages? Waste no time in getting it up there with PortfolioUP- a free application to upload images.  Images are loaded directly from the smart phone to the “My Files” section of your ePortfolio.

Be sure to have your iPhone updated to iOS 4.3 before you download the application.

Step 1: Download “PortfolioUP” from your device’s app store: http://itunes.apple.com/app/portfolioup!/id398444044

Step 2: Go to “authentication settings” to add details like your Mahara URL, username, and password.  Click “save” (you will only need to do this one time)
Step 3: Take a photo, or choose one from the images on the phone
Step 4: Review the photo in preview
Step 5: Input image title and description
Step 6: Click upload

Step 7: Click OK
Step 8: Now acquire another image!


iPad Meeting April 11, 2012

Hello again iPad users! We just had our second to last iPad meeting (How quickly the semester flew!!) and it was a meeting that you didn’t want to miss. In this meeting we discussed many things from the latest cool app to even studying at Yale or an easier way to follow the ongoing election process! You are going to have to read some more to find out how to do that.

First Professor Nancie Taylor from Pleasantville discussed how she uses the iPad in the classroom and how other professors can as well. First she discussed how students can use different apps to hold their information.  The first app was the popular app called Dropbox, which is cloud storage (FREE) that allows students to save files through the internet instead of carrying around a Flash Drive.  These files are then accessible anywhere with an internet connection.  Also there was an app that allows students to access lectures from Yale and even Princeton! If you want to see what the classes are like at these schools you might want to check them out and this is available any day at any time! (Please contact Professor Taylor for the exact name of the app).  The last app talked about was Mobilecho. This app allows for easy & safe file sharing between a group of people in an organization. And the best thing about all these apps is that they are ALL FREE! You can contact Professor Nancie Taylor (ntaylor@pace.edu) for more information about these apps!


Our second presenter at the meeting was Dr. Christopher Malone who works in the Political Science department on the NYC campus. Have you ever wanted to follow the election in the easiest possible way? Well there are and here are some great apps that he talked about. One app that can be very useful to students is Election 2012 which only costs $1.99. In this app, students are given a visual representation of the elections and how each state voted. This shows if New York went Republican or stayed Democratic or if you want to find out how much each state is worth. Also the one great thing about this app is that it keeps a historical data which gives users access to older elections and this gives users a great visual on how the USA has changed when voting over the years. Also Dr. Malone talked about some great free apps that gives users the edge in regards to the election. One that was mentioned was the Washington Post which posts news articles about the election. Another app was called Twatcher 2012  Elections which follows ALL the tweets of the current candidates! Again, the best thing about the latter 2 apps is that they are free!


Finally, even though Dr. Barry Morris could not make it, he recommend a great free app called Skitch. What this app does is allows students and professors to take a screenshot of a webpage and to annotate on the page! You can underline, change colors or even draw arrows to a specific place on the page so for all the professors out there that have an iPad you can easily show students what you are talking about.




Our last meeting for the semester will be held on Tuesday, May 8th at 3:30 in the PLV & NYC videoconferencing rooms. We hope to see you there.

March 21, 2012 iPad Meeting

Hello iPad Users!

We  had our second meeting of the semester between the NYC and PLV campuses via video conferencing. We had some guest speakers including our Apple Representatives. Here are some of the highlights of the meeting.

Mr. Devin McLaughlin, an Apple Representative, was up first and he was there to discuss many things. First we were introduced to the new iPad, and we learned that there are some improvements from the iPad 2. The new iPad has a better camera on the front and back, coupled with better resolution which will enable you to see more details on the iPad. And one of the biggest changes to the new model is a feature named Dictation. Dictation allows you to speak instead of type. Now whatever you want to say is what you are going to see typed out on the iPad. Pretty Cool Right?

Also Devin recommended some apps that would be very useful to students and staff such as the app named  Reflection. Reflection is a app that allows your iPad to be shown on a Mac computer. This will be easier for some people because you can now use a mouse. You will control everything on your iPad from your own computer!

Our next guest speaker was Mr. Peter Hoffman, a representative from Kno.com. Kno.com, pronounced (know), is a website that allows people to access  digital textbooks. Kno allows  people to access publications including textbooks in an electronic format. You can take notes on a digital sticky note and you can highlight certain parts. What is great is that it is integrated with drop box so you can share content with other people! Also students can benefit from electronic Flashcards and  a feature named “QuizMe”, which can help students to prepare for exams. Faculty can also submit their own documents such as pdf documents and PowerPoint presentations through Kno to make it available to their students.
Kno has a FREE app on the iPad, so feel free to download it now!

Our next meeting will be on April 11, 2012 at 1pm. Everyone is invited even if you don’t own an iPad! If you love technology and discovering the next cool app come aboard!