April 9th User Group Meeting

Our recent meeting consisted of two main topics: using the iPad in the Art classroom as well as the use of Blackboard Collaborate on the go.

artProfessor Jane Dickson first discussed with us how she uses the iPad in her classroom.   She primarily uses Google searches to find different historical pieces of art to show to students as they are working during class.  She also will use the iPad to locate other historical pieces of art that some of the students art reminds her of so she can show them the comparisons.  It also allows her the freedom to feed the students more information on the fly and then allow them to come back later on and look up more historical information that may peak  their interest regarding a specific work of art or artist.  In addition to Google image searches she also uses different artist websites, institution websites, etc.  She hopes to continue to use the iPad and expand her usage to best meet the needs of her students.


Our second presentation was by 2 of the ITS e-Terns from the Academic Technology office.  They presented on Blackboard Collaborate.  Collaborate is an online learning and collaboration platform allowing faculty and students to meet from anywhere…anytime…and be able to do just about anything.  Their focus was on the use of Collaborate as a user and on the go, which many of us are these days.  Because of a robust app, you are able to join Collaborate session from your smart phone or tablet anywhere you have an internet/4G type connection.  They demonstrated the use of two way audio, the recording feature, instant polls, chats, and more.  You never have to miss a class or meeting session again with the option to login using this app.  Check it out in the app store.

Our final meeting of the semester is on Thursday May 8, 2014 at 3:30pm in the VC rooms.  We hope to see you there.  If we don’t see you, best of luck as the semester winds down!

February 12th Meeting Recap


Our recent meeting consisted of an app presentation by Josh from Daedalus.

The basic function of this app is it gives professors the ability to create “chalk and talk” videos by writing directly on their iPad with a stylus or their finger.  This is something that would seem to be ideal in the math and science fields for problem solving.  And not only is the writing recorded, but the professor has an option to provide voice over as well.  They do limit each to 4 slides bc their philosophy is students fare better with receiving these types of tutorials in shorter increments, so a 10 minute time frame is the recommendation.

The Professor can enroll his/her students in the course which is created on the back end of their site.  All recordings are stored on their site and accessible via laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones for the convenience of the students.  Josh also mentioned that they are looking for ideas for expanding, but that currently all features are free.  The link below gives more information as well as a link to download the app.  Try it out and let us know what you think.

Here is more info about the app.

Our second presenter was Martina from Dyson Instructional Technology.  She introduced the Turn It In and Qualtrics apps to us.  Both of these tools are commonly used at Pace already, but now having a mobile app version makes it even easier to use.

Turn It In is the plagiarism checker used by many universities.  It is already built into our Blackboard ecosystem and now Professors can get their students papers on their other devices via this app.  It makes the process of grading an anywhere type of thing as opposed to needing an actual computer.  A few of the main features of the app include the originality report, quick mark comments, voice comments, and more. The best part?  Let’s say you are traveling to work on the train or will be somewhere without Wi-Fi.  No problem.  Just sync the papers before you leave home to the app and grade off-line.

More information here:  http://turnitin.com/en_us/features/ipad

Download app here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/turnitin/id657602524?mt=8

The second app was our survey tool that we use at Pace.  Qualtrics is a robust, but easy to use online survey tool.  The app allows you to download and manager your surveys.  They pride themselves on the simplicity of using their service, but also with the number of additional features that you can utilize as you see fit.  Below you will see a link to a short YouTube video which will tell you more about the features:


Download app here:


Our next mobile technology user group meeting is on March 6th, 2014 @ 3:30pm in M16 (PLV) and E319 (NYC).  See you there!


CourseSmart and Our Final Fall 2013 Meeting

Yesterday was the last user group meeting of the semester.  We heard from two representatives from CourseSmart.  CourseSmart is an e-textbook and digital course material provider.  They have relationships with many of the major book publishers.  So one of the initial major benefits here is it allows students and faculty to utilize e-texts and go paperless which is always a good thing.

Another benefit is it allows for you to have the content at your fingertips essentially at anytime on your device(s).  The best part is you can even access items to review offline which is a real plus.  Their product is optimized for mobile viewing which is obviously the trend we are moving towards in higher education.  The features are really great and include such things as easy copy/paste to retain as notes, highlighting and making notes, bookmarking, as well as sharing notes to name a few.  There is also a full assortment of teacher material which you may recognize as “exam” copies.  And if they don’t have the book you want, let them know and they will try to acquire it.  They have various pricing models and are currently working with other University’s with a successful subscription based model.  They also have a new analytic tool which has promise.    Please check them out here:


The integration with Blackboard is seamless and very easy which is vital in introducing a new tool since Blackboard is the lynchpin for many Professors, Students and their courses.  Please click on the link below for a demo with further information about CourseSmart, Blackboard integration, etc:


Did I mention that they have 24/7/365 support?  This is a huge plus and something I see many users really taking advantage of.  And their customer support speed and efficiency is top notch: 98% of issues are resolved within 24 hours & 90% of issues are resolved during first contact.

Please check out the links above and feel free to contact us with any questions about CourseSmart; we can answer them or put you in touch with the representatives who can.

Since today was our last meeting of 2013 we just wanted to thank everyone for another great semester.  We hope this user group continues to grow and we hope the meetings were both informative and interesting.  If you have any ideas for future meetings please feel free to share them with us.  Be on the lookout for Spring 2014 dates for our meetings.

We wish you a Happy Holiday season and we will see you in 2014!

A Student Perspective

As promised, here is Heather Askildsen’s personal account of how the iPad has been such an asset in her education here at Pace.

Taking two iPad classes at Pace has given me the opportunity to make technology work for me in the classroom and beyond.

When I served as the News Editor at the Pace Chronicle, my iPad was central to my success. Newsstand and NPR’s app gave me round the clock access to news. Also, just being able to check my email between classes helped me to conduct outreached faster and more effectively. I was able to coordinate interviews and touch base with my fellow staff members on the go. No matter how busy my day was, I always had time to fire off or respond to an email.

Being able to record interviews was perhaps the most useful feature. My notes were more accurate and the iPad’s unobtrusive design helped to lessen the stigma of being recorded. And to be perfectly honest, bringing my iPad to an interview seemed to have a positive effect on people in general. It gives you a certain cache, I guess. Instead of fumbling with a pen and a Five Star notebook, I could conduct the interview with my research, my questions, and my notes all in front of me. This not only helped me to be more methodical, but also seemed to inspire confidence in my ability.

The iPad has also helped me to be a more efficient student. The inClass app lets me keep all of my academic and extra-curricular materials all in one place. I can take more detailed notes which can be shared digitally with other students and automatically synch due dates with my Google calendar. Apps like Notability made the process of collecting peer feedback easy. Instead of quickly scribbling down notes, my classmates could simply email my work back to me with their critique.

Overall, my experience with the iPad has been extremely constructive. It allows me to keep everything I do in one place.

April 15th iPad User Group Meeting

Today we had three presentations during our second to last iPad meeting of the semester.  The first two were from Pace professors and the last was by a Pace student.  The two perspectives really helped tie some things together.  Lets review the two Professor presentations.  Our student presenter will be giving us a special guest writing piece later this week to share!

The first presentation was by Professor Matthew Bolton of the Political Science department on the NYC campus.  He discussed three distinct ways that he utilizes the iPad: For Model UN, in his online class, and in a research role.  As far as Model UN is concerned, the iPad really is an all inclusive device that allows for the Model UN group to have information at their fingertips at anytime to share on their website.  The website is a Word Press blog which has a great application on the iPad which allows for direct updates.  Word Press itself is a great tool that Pace does offer and this presentation brought that to the forefront for those who weren’t aware of it.  It’s a great tool that’s easy to use via your iPad.

As far as online courses and research go, Professor Bolton also touched on these two items.  He discussed the Blackboard app which is great for needing to access things in a pinch, but reiterated that it is not a direct replacement for Blackboard itself which is accessible via a Mac or PC.  It works for the little things, but there is definitely room for some improvement as with anything.  As far as research is concerned, he discussed actual conferences that he goes to and how the iPad works so well for that.  It not only eliminates the need to have numerous clunky devices on the go, but lets you jot down those hard to remember thoughts at that inconvenient time because you always have the iPad ready and waiting whether you are at a conference, riding the subway, etc.

The second presentation was by Professor Emily Welty of the Political Science department on the NYC campus.  She discussed a few apps that were related to data recording as well as presentations.  First, she discussed data recording and introduced us to two really interesting apps: Super Note and Quick Voice.  Both essentially allow for the recording of audio either for interviews, during class, you name it.  You can make notes, and then listen to the playbacks later on.  And the best part is it actually seems like interviewees or professors are “less” nervous when being recorded this way versus a traditional tape recorder and tape.  These apps are both great tools for students and faculty alike.

The second app that Professor Welty discussed was Haiku Deck.  It’s a free app and is an extremely interesting and unique way to present topics in class.  She mentioned that she was trying to move away from the traditional PowerPoint all the time and this is a really fun and unique alternative or supplemental tool.  Essentially Haiku Deck makes presentations “simple, beautiful, and fun” according to their website. The basic idea is to get rid of the standard presentations and get creative while also keeping it simple.  You take an idea, search for a picture (or use your own), choose a layout, and just like that, Haiku Deck has taken your presentation to a whole other level.  It is so unique and opens the doors for students to really become actively engaged in the topic and conversation as opposed to always staring at a wordy slideshow.  It’s quite the app and will take a little bit of getting used to, but is definitely worth trying out in your classroom or even at a meeting for brainstorming!

Our third presenter was a student, Heather, from Dr. Jane Collins (ENG PLV) iPad course.  She will be submitting a write up to share later this week sharing a student perspective on how vital the iPad has been in her time here at Pace, so be on the look out for it.

Our next, and last, meeting this semester is on Wednesday May 1st, 2013 @ 11:15am in Miller 16 and E319.  See you then!

February iPad Meeting: Air Display Demo

Today we had a presentation about a very cool and innovative app that could change the way teaching is executed in the modern day classroom.  The app is called Air Display and it is made by a company called Avatron.

Air Display is used in many instances simply as a second monitor for those that have a laptop or lack a second monitor and need that capability.  So it will extend your desktop and comes in handy when i.e. comparing documents side by side.

In investigating further, we have discovered it also has a mirror mode which, when connected to a PC or MAC computer (and after a simple software install), will mirror exactly what is on the computer screen on your iPad.  That’s not where it ends.  You also are able to control the computer directly from the iPad with the touch of your finger, with practically no limitations.  The response is in real time, with no delay, and you can navigate through your PowerPoint, browse to a website, or just search for a folder just as if you were standing in front of the classroom podium utilizing the computer with a traditional mouse and keyboard.

But that’s just it; you are no longer tethered to the podium. 

You can move around the classroom freely and have more interaction with the students now.  You can keep an even closer eye on their actions and ensure they are on point and ready to learn and interact.






Furthermore, the iPad becomes a mobile annotation tablet with the use of this app.  With the use of Panaboard software (installed on all Educational Media computers in classrooms) you can annotate directly on the iPad.  Whether it is a website, a video, or a PowerPoint slide, you can annotate and save the annotations made for reference at a later time.  Within PowerPoint, all the annotations will save as you go slide to slide (with a prompt after the last slide to save all annotations).  Within other applications, i.e. a web browser, you will want to utilize the built in Panaboard recorder or Echo 360 to record your actions as you go from page to page or between different applications bc there is some erasing you will have to do with your annotations, very similar to what you would do on an actual Panaboard.

So in closing, this app is really useful and unique in the sense that it not only allows you to become untethered from the classroom podium, but it also allows you to annotate via your iPad and also record and save these  annotations for reference at a later time.  Every room with a computer and projector now becomes a Panabord ready room with the use of this application.

We highly recommend some further training to gain a better idea of what this app can do for your classroom.  For a demo, initial/further training or general information please contact Rich Miller (rmiller@pace.edu) or George Chacko (gchacko@pace.edu).  We are currently looking for willing participants to “pilot” this app.  This is an exciting app and anyone interested in participating is welcome provided they are willing to test it out in their classroom and report back to the group with their constructive feedback at a later date/future meeting.

Our next iPad meeting is on March 20th, 2013 @ 12:20pm in the PLV and NYC Videoconference Rooms.

The “New” iPad

A few good articles about the “New” iPad.



The face lift of the new iPad and the apps that look the best on it:


3 Reasons You’ll Buy the New iPad:


Ode to the iPad Part II

As promised, here are the remaining poems from Dr. Collins ENG 308 poetry class:

“The Perfect Assistant”
By Christine Lander
You do more than I could ask,
from notes and assignments
to procrastinating before I do
my work. For all you do – I spoil
you in return. With a cover that
fits perfectly and an eye catching
background. You have changed
the way I do my work. We have been
so compatible. I would change nothing
about you. And I could not be more
satisfied with your assistance.


“A Letter”
By Cori Connors
Good morning there.
We meet again.
You came from a sea
of lookalike brothers
and sisters.
But you are special,
because you are mine.


All you ask of me is to charge you up
once and a while, not much.
So I want to take a minute out
to thank you.
Thank you for
bringing me books,
and letting me see
all my notes
at once.


Thanks for letting me
poke you
and prod you
Thank you for
being the mailman,
persistently dinging
with emails and notifications.
You really are on top of your game,
you know that?


I am going to be sad to give you back.
It will be with some resistance.
But I will do it so that
you can be
in the hands
of another wanting person.
So they can appreciate
what a hard worker you are.


You little guy, you’ll be great.
You really do help me out,
Even though sometimes
you like to feed me a challenge
by throwing me off the Internet
or sending me Facebook comments
during class,
like you just did.
I respect you.
Sent from my iPad
By Erica Weiman
Dearest iPad,
I remember, like yesterday,
the day we met.
You are sleek, light,
edgy, delicate,
yet capable of so much.
Overwhelmingly so.
But don’t take that
to heart.
Other people may spend
some time with you,
but I know that
you’re mine,
even if only for
four months’ time.


“Please iPad”
By Ronia Daoud 
how I wish I could
avoid you. just
for one day, is all
I ask. But I can’t
resist to push your
smooth, glossy button
and wake you. I stop and
try to turn away but
your bright light quickly
shines and grabs my eyes;
yet again it’s love at,
is it now, fiftieth sight?
it’s two hours later
and at last I kindly
beg, “Please iPad” and
you worry. Suddenly
my fingertips tingle
to your free game
update request. I
smirk and tap you
in approval,
“Please do, iPad.”
“iPad Love Affair”
by Veronica Goin
You’ve got a skating-rink smooth surface,
that my fingers love to trace
while you play games,
educate me,
entertain me.
We conduct our clandestine affair
at work, on the desk
in front of everyone.
Everyone looks, but no one sees.
I tuck you into bed with me at night,
gazing at the movie on your face.
Sometimes I fall asleep still looking at you.


“An Unexpected Affair”
By Molly Ruslander
Oh, you…
you magical thing, you.
Mere years ago,
who would have thought
a thin little screen –
barely bigger than a paperback –
would come to play such
a central role in my life?
You bring me my mail,
you tell me what to cook for dinner,
you yell at me when I’ve given up on my to-do list.
My own personal project manager.
At least I can control your yelling –
I can make you sound like wind chimes,
I can make you sound like the roaring surf
of a hidden Caribbean cove.
I can even silence your petulant nagging
so only your vibrations are a reminder of my procrastination.
You keep me amused,
mindlessly flinging huffy birds at arrogant pigs,
weaving my way through darkened cave corridors,
or engaging my inner dictionary
with crosswords or Scrabble.
I resisted you at first, yes,
but not for long.

Ode to the iPad

This semester Dr. Jane Collins is leading an ENG 308 class in which the students are relying entirely on iPads to do their course work!  Similar to her pilot last semester in her other ENG class, this semester has started off extremely well and the students and Dr. Collins are really enjoying their time with their iPads.  Over the next few posts we will share some poems that they have written about their experiences with their new device.  Enjoy!!


“Dear iPad”
By Ahlia Rivera
Dear iPad,
I wanted you, but could not have you.
Now we have just a few moments together.
Let’s make these months sweet and passionate.
Let’s make great memories together.
I will be sad when you leave me, but I know
I will soon see you again.
Student with iPad on Loan


By Ashley Bressingham
I don’t see much use for you,
since I am currently in a committed
relationship with my Mac. Although
you don’t have as much
baggage, I can deal with the burdens I
bring with me because I am so
attached to my relationship. You are not
mine to have and hold. Only a fling,
where we both get what we want
Out of each other. I can see myself
with my Mac forever – you will
eventually leave me.


“The Edge”
By Casey Woods
When I first saw you I was disgusted
The thought of being so careful with you drove me crazy
Thought of your new technology pushed me to the edge
But as we grew together
The edge became less scary
Maybe the edge was just in my imagination


“World in My Hands”
by Kathleen Melhorn
Dear iPad,
I knew you would emit joy from the moment I laid eyes on you.
I love the wonders you bring me,
You are the most intelligent of your kind
But also the original of your species
Chic and cool you are summer waters filled with happy families.
All excited to have a big piece of their world
Something much bigger than themselves.
I can swim as far as I can and I still will never see all you have to offer.
Unless I take a boat and glide across,
But that is sailing over your possibility
So much more lies beneath your surface that I will never see
So many people love to hold you like a small child
But you are no one’s incapable baby
You have the brain of Einstein
And I can see into your greatness with one click of a button.
“Half of Me”
by Aaron White
You have put my imagination to shame
becoming that playmate I’ve been longing for.
You have Transformed my backpack into a
backpack, instead of a paperweight.
You have become handy,
like an umbrella in the rain or
a shovel in the snow
Let’s have as many dances as we can
before we have to kiss and say goodbye