February 7th, 2012 iPad Meeting

Hello iPad Users!!  We had our first iPad meeting of the semester on February 7th via the Pace videoconferencing system between PLV and NYC.  It was a very good session and here are some of the highlights:

John Ceballos from Educational Media NYC shared his iPad experiences with us and also recommended many different useful educational apps.  Here is a link & recap of his specific presentation and how to access future recordings:

Here is the Echo360 link to today’s meeting

If you would like to add it as a podcast to your iPad or iPhone, simply follow these directions.

1. Open iTunes on PC or Mac

2. Under the Advanced tab select “subscribe to podcast”

3. Copy and past this link into the URL.  http://echoess.dmz.pace.edu:8080/ess/feed?id=67fa3278-8c05-468d-b72a-ce53b0546b50&type=M4V

4. You will now be subscribed to past and future podcast and can sync them to your iPad.

Michelle Pulaski-Behling also shared what she is currently doing in her media and politics class here at Pace.  Her students have the privilege of using iPads during each class to research and keep up with the newest trends in the country and world.  Michelle pre-loaded many useful apps that the students refer to during their class sessions.

We are working very closely with her (and Apple) to come up with the easiest way to keep these “shared”  iPads organized and easy to sync because as you can tell, the engaging type of learning that iPads enable has been a success thus far not only in her class, but others as well here at Pace.  Furthermore, it is a very exciting way to learn at any level of your educational career.

Our next meeting (March 21st, 2012 @ 11:15am) will include reps from Apple, so we can ask some more in depth/specific questions and see what they have brewing.  Rumor has it the iPad 3 is being released in March.  Stay tuned!!


Take a Bite from Apple’s Latest Apps

Apple may astound you with some of its latest apps for your iPad. Build your own personal magazine customized to your interests, experience novels as they come to life with animated illustrations or download your very own personal chef to assist in the creation of the perfect recipe. Ranging from free to $50, you might want to revamp your iPad experience. The New York Times recently published an article which showcases these apps and their prices.

Click here for article

Spring 2012: Welcome Back!!

Hello iPad users!!  We have another exciting semester ahead of us and we hope you are excited to join us for this semesters user group meetings!  Below are the dates for the upcoming semesters meetings:

Tuesday 2/7 from 3:30pm-4:30pm

Wednesday 3/21 from 11:15am-12:15pm

Wednesday 4/11 from 1:00pm-2:00pm

Tuesday 5/8 from 3:30pm-4:30pm

All meetings will be held in Miller 16 in PLV and Civic E319 in NYC.  We look forward to seeing you there!!