Ode to the iPad Part II

As promised, here are the remaining poems from Dr. Collins ENG 308 poetry class:

“The Perfect Assistant”
By Christine Lander
You do more than I could ask,
from notes and assignments
to procrastinating before I do
my work. For all you do – I spoil
you in return. With a cover that
fits perfectly and an eye catching
background. You have changed
the way I do my work. We have been
so compatible. I would change nothing
about you. And I could not be more
satisfied with your assistance.


“A Letter”
By Cori Connors
Good morning there.
We meet again.
You came from a sea
of lookalike brothers
and sisters.
But you are special,
because you are mine.


All you ask of me is to charge you up
once and a while, not much.
So I want to take a minute out
to thank you.
Thank you for
bringing me books,
and letting me see
all my notes
at once.


Thanks for letting me
poke you
and prod you
Thank you for
being the mailman,
persistently dinging
with emails and notifications.
You really are on top of your game,
you know that?


I am going to be sad to give you back.
It will be with some resistance.
But I will do it so that
you can be
in the hands
of another wanting person.
So they can appreciate
what a hard worker you are.


You little guy, you’ll be great.
You really do help me out,
Even though sometimes
you like to feed me a challenge
by throwing me off the Internet
or sending me Facebook comments
during class,
like you just did.
I respect you.
Sent from my iPad
By Erica Weiman
Dearest iPad,
I remember, like yesterday,
the day we met.
You are sleek, light,
edgy, delicate,
yet capable of so much.
Overwhelmingly so.
But don’t take that
to heart.
Other people may spend
some time with you,
but I know that
you’re mine,
even if only for
four months’ time.


“Please iPad”
By Ronia Daoud 
how I wish I could
avoid you. just
for one day, is all
I ask. But I can’t
resist to push your
smooth, glossy button
and wake you. I stop and
try to turn away but
your bright light quickly
shines and grabs my eyes;
yet again it’s love at,
is it now, fiftieth sight?
it’s two hours later
and at last I kindly
beg, “Please iPad” and
you worry. Suddenly
my fingertips tingle
to your free game
update request. I
smirk and tap you
in approval,
“Please do, iPad.”
“iPad Love Affair”
by Veronica Goin
You’ve got a skating-rink smooth surface,
that my fingers love to trace
while you play games,
educate me,
entertain me.
We conduct our clandestine affair
at work, on the desk
in front of everyone.
Everyone looks, but no one sees.
I tuck you into bed with me at night,
gazing at the movie on your face.
Sometimes I fall asleep still looking at you.


“An Unexpected Affair”
By Molly Ruslander
Oh, you…
you magical thing, you.
Mere years ago,
who would have thought
a thin little screen –
barely bigger than a paperback –
would come to play such
a central role in my life?
You bring me my mail,
you tell me what to cook for dinner,
you yell at me when I’ve given up on my to-do list.
My own personal project manager.
At least I can control your yelling –
I can make you sound like wind chimes,
I can make you sound like the roaring surf
of a hidden Caribbean cove.
I can even silence your petulant nagging
so only your vibrations are a reminder of my procrastination.
You keep me amused,
mindlessly flinging huffy birds at arrogant pigs,
weaving my way through darkened cave corridors,
or engaging my inner dictionary
with crosswords or Scrabble.
I resisted you at first, yes,
but not for long.

Ode to the iPad

This semester Dr. Jane Collins is leading an ENG 308 class in which the students are relying entirely on iPads to do their course work!  Similar to her pilot last semester in her other ENG class, this semester has started off extremely well and the students and Dr. Collins are really enjoying their time with their iPads.  Over the next few posts we will share some poems that they have written about their experiences with their new device.  Enjoy!!


“Dear iPad”
By Ahlia Rivera
Dear iPad,
I wanted you, but could not have you.
Now we have just a few moments together.
Let’s make these months sweet and passionate.
Let’s make great memories together.
I will be sad when you leave me, but I know
I will soon see you again.
Student with iPad on Loan


By Ashley Bressingham
I don’t see much use for you,
since I am currently in a committed
relationship with my Mac. Although
you don’t have as much
baggage, I can deal with the burdens I
bring with me because I am so
attached to my relationship. You are not
mine to have and hold. Only a fling,
where we both get what we want
Out of each other. I can see myself
with my Mac forever – you will
eventually leave me.


“The Edge”
By Casey Woods
When I first saw you I was disgusted
The thought of being so careful with you drove me crazy
Thought of your new technology pushed me to the edge
But as we grew together
The edge became less scary
Maybe the edge was just in my imagination


“World in My Hands”
by Kathleen Melhorn
Dear iPad,
I knew you would emit joy from the moment I laid eyes on you.
I love the wonders you bring me,
You are the most intelligent of your kind
But also the original of your species
Chic and cool you are summer waters filled with happy families.
All excited to have a big piece of their world
Something much bigger than themselves.
I can swim as far as I can and I still will never see all you have to offer.
Unless I take a boat and glide across,
But that is sailing over your possibility
So much more lies beneath your surface that I will never see
So many people love to hold you like a small child
But you are no one’s incapable baby
You have the brain of Einstein
And I can see into your greatness with one click of a button.
“Half of Me”
by Aaron White
You have put my imagination to shame
becoming that playmate I’ve been longing for.
You have Transformed my backpack into a
backpack, instead of a paperweight.
You have become handy,
like an umbrella in the rain or
a shovel in the snow
Let’s have as many dances as we can
before we have to kiss and say goodbye



An iPad Introduction for the Financially and Technologically Impaired

By: Veronica Goin

When Dr. Collins told our class that we would be using iPads for the semester, I couldn’t imagine a use for them (in or out of the classroom). I couldn’t conceive that I would learn to use one. And with my track record of clumsiness, I couldn’t imagine that I would make it through the semester without filing some awkward accident report for the device (still keeping my fingers crossed).

After a few weeks with the iPad, I have been quite pleasantly surprised. Though initially confusing, the iPad is generally straight-forward, and I have (slowly) learned to use it. The iPads are also very useful, not just in Creative Writing, but in other classes too (I plan essays, do research on the go, and even take notes using the iPad). I have also discovered that, despite my fear of not being able to keep the delicate technology alive all semester, so far the iPad and I remain unscathed.  My boyfriend reminded me to “Just treat it the way you treat a book. Not the way other people treat books, the way YOU treat books.” He and I use the iPad to play Words with Friends together (and help each other cheat; we’re not very good opponents). We also watch Frasier, using the Netflix app, and look for good hiking trails with a terrain map app. I get a word sent to me daily (complete with the word’s etymology) using the Merriam-Webster Dictionary app.

The iPad has proved itself to be both charming and useful. When asked if I would be willing to buy one on my own, once the semester is finished and my loaner has been returned, I am tempted, but they are prohibitively expensive. A large part of the lent iPad’s charm for me, comes from its lack of a price-tag. If Pace does offer a large-scale iPad program, I would strongly recommend providing them at a discounted rate (and applying Financial Aid considerations to the cost as well).

Sent from my iPad

The iPad Diary episode #1

Professor Manuela Soares, an instructor in the Graduate Publishing program, has allowed us to take a  rare glimpse into her diary. She is the first member of the faculty to bravely accept the iPad challenge. Written in diary format, Professor Soares shares her week long journey of using the iPad as her sole computing device.


It was raining in New York and I was eager to get to the airport and start the trip. iPad in hand, charger in my bag. I know it says 10 hours, but it always feels like less. I had it plugged in yesterday and unplugged when it reached 100%. I’ve been told it’s not good to leave these devices plugged in indefinitely. This morning, the iPad registered 98% – but hadn’t been used at all. Now it’s 96%.

Rain in New York – and  just heard on the news – a tsunami headed to California. Flying directly into trouble. At least I’ll be entertained.

Waiting at the airport, my traveling companion had a copy of New York magazine and I started the crossword puzzle, then hunted for sandwiches for the plane, and used the iPad for about 10-20 minutes to check my messages and download a couple of magazines.

Read a ya novel on the flight, along with the current issue of the New Yorker and Martha Stewart I had downloaded into the iPad earlier.

About 6 hours later – San Francisco

A friend picked us up at the airport  – which is what people do in SF and we rode into town. At Union Square we noticed a very long line of people and wondered why they were waiting in line. Stopped at a light, we analyzed the crowd – all young and hip we decided. What were they waiting for? The line was so long we could see around the block. Then it hit me – the new iPad 2.

The next day we walked to Union Square and sure enough, there was the Apple store that had been out of sight when we stopped the day before.

At the hotel, I decided to read a little before my nap – and needed to download another book – since I had just been reading a sample. I looked at the battery – 13%. I guess that’s about right – but still not the 10 hours everyone thinks it should run. I plugged in the iPad.


The hotel was supposed to have wifi – and it does – for an additional $15.95 A DAY! So forget surfing the web or buying any new books. I can always go to a Starbucks or find wifi elsewhere, but so far we’ve been too busy with family events. Reading a new mystery – Damage — that takes place in SF. OK, but not liking it as much as The Help, which I’d recently finished. I have a few papers downloaded to Dropbox, but without an Internet connection I couldn’t sync those files. Guess I would have had the same problem with my laptop.

Had wanted to download the new blackboard app, but didn’t have a chance before I left. Now can’t download. But wait – somewhere in the hotel someone named John Wright has a wifi connection on his MacBook pro – and I can coattail on his connection. At least for as long as it takes to download the blackboard app. Success! Thanks, John.
But of course, if I wanted to connect to Blackboard or anything else I still need wifi. I would take the iPad with me, but when we go out for the day, I often have my nikon (heavy), and other stuff, so the iPad is usually left at home. Even the new slimmer thinner iPad seemed heavy to me when I tried it at the apple store yesterday. They are sold out; expecting more on Tuesday. My friend was particularly impressed with that magnetic cover.


The Borders store is closing and we stopped by to see if there were any bargains we couldn’t pass up. Sad to say, no. Even the few things we considered meant carrying them around for the rest of the trip, so we didn’t buy anything.


Extremely frustrated by not having wifi, but would have the same problem if I had the laptop instead. Managed to access the Dropbox and sync so I could get my files. Some didn’t sync properly and I can’t access them.


In Napa and wanted to find the names of some restaurants, but no wifi. Used my iPhone; it also has a built-in GPS so we can find our way around town. Too frustrating not having wifi – this hotel charges for wifi access, too. Fifteen $ a day.

I can still read my book and have been able to read a student paper as well, but can’t annotate it.


On our way back to NYC. I managed to do some work; read a lot; played a few games. But next week, on a business trip to Chicago – I’ll take my laptop. Maybe it’s the keyboard that makes it easier to work on. Or just the fact that everything I need is already on the laptop. But, I guess if I used the iPad more, that wouldn’t be an issue.

The iPad does slide snugly into the side pocket of the laptop case, so I can bring both for now.

Will you accept the iPad challenge?  If so, please contact Martina Blackwood at mblackwood@pace.edu.

The iPad Challenge!

If you are currently using your iPad merely as a mobile social device, while reserving serious tasks for your laptop or desktop, then you are not alone. Although many people are still buzzing over the iPads, they have yet to release their firm  grip on their traditional machines. When they need to do more than send a few emails, take notes and browse the app store, they immediately turn to standard desktops and laptops. Have you ever attempted to use your iPad as your main computerized device?  If you are willing to use your iPad only for at least a week, please document your experience and share it with all of us on the iPad blog.Your story may be just the inspiration that we need to see if the iPad can replace our laptops and desktops. You may also help us to discover why we may never fully release our desktops and laptops from our clutches.

Are you willing to take the iPad challenge?

iPad Meeting Highlights

Here are some highlights from the iPad  meeting which took place this month.

iPad 2.0

The new iPad was released March 11, 2011. Here’s how it compares to version 1:

  • 33% thinner, and slightly lighter than the iPad 1
  • 10 hour battery life
  • Resolution is the same as the first one
  • Equipped with HD video
  • Faster and “snappier” than the original iPad
  • More sensitive to rotation
  • Upgrading to the radio feature will allow for a better signal Continue reading

February iPad Group Meeting

Below you will find some of the highlights from our February iPad meeting. We were so pleased to have Professor Elizabeth Berro and Professor Barry Morris as faculty presenters. They shared the many exciting ways in which they have used the iPad to enhance their courses. Chris Levy of ITS, presented the topic of Dropbox–iWorks integration.

Professor Berro’s experiences:

Professor Berro applied for a grant which allowed 20 of her students to receive iPads. The iPads are used to support interactive learning in the classroom.
Some of Professor Berro’s goals include :

  • entirely eliminating PowerPoint presentations
  • minimizing lecture time
  • enhancing group activities

iPad Application in NUR 422:

Apps Used:

  • Epocrates: reference for drug interactions
    • In-class application: research various drug interactions
  • Board Game Tools: timer, scorecard, dice
    • In-class application: used for in-class quizzes and exercises

Professor Berro collaborated with textbook editors to make the course textbooks available in ebook format.

  • In-class application: Students easily flip through the ebooks to look at diagrams and other important information. Continue reading

From Big Papi to Hannah Storm: Using the iPad in a Sports Media Course

I was very excited to use the iPad with my students for the first time in my Sports Media course. Last week I sent the iPad around to each of my 20 students.  I worked with a few of them on navigation, but most students were able to use the iPad with no direction, commenting that “it’s just a giant iPhone!” Continue reading