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Hello Everyone,

There’s a lot of excitement in Dyson right now because we just distributed 20 iPads to Dyson faculty who have some truly innovative ideas about how to use iPads to support the teaching and learning here at Pace. I hope that this blog will be a great way of sharing apps and ideas as we all learn how to use this new tool. We will also be setting up some user group meetings soon so stay tuned.

I installed both Pages and Keynote recently and think that they are both worth checking out as alternatives to Word and PowerPoint. Pages, in particular, has made it easier for me to manage my email on the iPad. And just in case you haven’t done this yet, please check out settings to set up your Pace or other email accounts to make it easier to manage.

What is everyone else doing with their iPads? I just installed the kindle app and have found it fairly easy to adjust to reading a novel on the iPad. What do others think?

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  1. Hi Beth…Well, I have had my iPad for a less than a week and was able to install itunes and download and purchase a few apps. The first problem for me was getting wifi set up at our house. We had a problem with our router that needed to be fixed so, I could not even use it until we took care of that! Then, I had to go out of town (to Wisconsin for a family emergency) but, I took my iPad with me and spent my layovers in wifi hotspots playing around with it. The first thing I downloaded was the NYTimes and Wired Magazine and the bookstore app. Really amazing. I am looking to build a library of resources that will aid me in guiding my students as they write their thesis papers. I am going to be back in the office later in the week and plan to take my iPad with me. One of the questions I have is if my office has wifi and if not, can we make arrangements to get it? It will be important for me to be able to use my iPad at the office.

    On another note, thanks for the tips on Pages and Keynote. I also plan to download the kindle app and can’t wait to start reading on my iPad!


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