Getting started using your iPad

Getting Started

Hello all, this is the start of a weekly blog to get you all adjusted to using your iPads.  Each week there will be a post on different apps as well as tips and answers to all of your iPad questions.  This week we will provide you with the information you need to begin using your iPad. First, you must download iTunes on your computer in order to properly use your iPad.  If you need to download iTunes, please click here.  After you download iTunes you can plug your iPad into your computer, follow the on-screen instructions until iTunes displays the setup dialog. When you are asked to do so, you can create an iTunes account and register your iPad.  After you have created your account you can check the different on-screen boxes to sync songs, videos, apps or photos to your iPad, then simply click “done” and you’re ready to go.  Congratulations you are now ready to use your iPad in all its glory.

Navigating your iPad

This is the view from the top of your iPad.

This is the view from the bottom of your iPad.

There are 4 buttons in total on the iPad.  As shown in the above pictures, the on/off button doubles as the sleep/ wake button, and it is located at the top of your iPad.  If you press down on the button and then remove your finger, you will be able to put your iPad into sleep mode.  However, if you hold down the on/off button, you will see two on-screen options “cancel”  and  “slide to power off”. If you select “slide to power off”, you will completely shut down your iPad.

On the right side of the iPad there are 2 buttons, the screen rotation button and the volume control button.  The screen rotation button will allow you to either lock your screen in place or allow your screen to rotate as you rotate your iPad. If the small orange dot is visible on the screen rotation button then your iPad screen is locked.  Your volume control button is located underneath the screen rotation button and it is used to increase or decrease your volume.  The Home button, as shown in the first picture, is used to exit any application that you are using on the iPad.

The App Store and Working With Applications

Once you are comfortable navigating your iPad, you can begin to download applications. When you turn on your iPad you can touch the app store icon on the main screen.  The app store icon is pictured above. When you touch the icon you will be asked to log in if you haven’t done so already.  You can use the app store to search for the applications that you would like to download. You can use the search bar located at the top right hand side of your screen to type in the specific name of an app or words related to the type of application you wish to find.  You can also select apps by using the categories displayed on the bottom of the screen.  Although many applications are free, there are some apps that can only be downloaded once you have paid the associated fee.

If you decide to install an application, the icon for that application will appear on the available space on your iPad screen. If you are just starting to download applications, the icon representing your installed app will likely appear on the main screen.  To move and remove the apps you can press and hold your finger on the app’s icon until a small “x” appears. You may also notice that all of the on-screen apps have an “x” and all icons should be shaking on your screen. You can click on the “x” if you would like to remove the app from the iPad or click on the app and drag it to move the app to another location on your screen.

How would you describe the learning curve involved in working with an iPad? Have you downloaded any interesting applications? Please share your thoughts, questions or comments with the Pace community by submitting a comment below.

Please join us next week as we begin to explore some exciting iPad applications.

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