App of the Week: Dragon Naturally Speaking

We are starting an App of the Week series and the first app we will be covering is Dragon Naturally Speaking.  Dragon is a very useful dictation app.  This app is simple to use and it can be useful to faculty and students in a wide range of disciplines. You can find this free app in the iPad store. Once you have downloaded the app and it appears on your desktop, you are ready to use Dragon.

After opening the app, your screen should resemble the picture above. Touch the little red button that appears beneath the text “tap and dictate”.  You can now speak into the microphone on your iPad. Tap the screen again when you are ready to stop recording.  Once you have stopped recording, every word you have said will appear on the screen.  You can save the notes, or you can copy and paste them into any word app you’ve downloaded.  To copy and paste the note, open the keyboard (to open the keyboard you simply touch the little keyboard button on the bottom of the screen) and touch anywhere on the screen—it will open a little magnifying glass and then ask you if you want to select all, select text, cut, or copy.  Once you’ve selected your action, you can then open up a document and paste what you’ve copied.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

How can you use Dragon Naturally Speaking to enhance your classroom experience?

2 thoughts on “App of the Week: Dragon Naturally Speaking

  1. Well, there goes that little notebook I carry around. This app even beats the notepad on my iPhone.
    At the end of every class I go over homework and reading assignments for the coming week. I can record it using this app and then paste it into Blackboard Announcements. Cool.
    Any other ways of using this app to enhance my classroom experience?

  2. One cool way to use dragon in the classroom is during lectures and presentations. You can use it to take notes during dictation or it can be used as a short hand note taking device. If others can think of more useful ideas for this app please post a comment.

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