iPad Tips & Tricks

Now that you’ve grown accustomed to using your iPad, we would like to introduce you to a few tips and shortcuts that may enhance your iPad experience.

  1. Quick mute- Press and hold the down volume button to quickly silence the device.
  2. To highlight larger sections of text, tap any editable text four times to highlight an entire paragraph.
  3. To perform a soft reset just press the power and home button for a few seconds and the iPad will restart. To locate these buttons please refer to this post.
  4. To watch a video in slow motion simply pause the video then hold your finger on the forward or back button.
  5. To rearrange icons simply tap and hold the icon and move it around to a different location on your screen. Once you have moved the icon to the desired location, remove your finger and hit the home button.
  6. If you have scrolled down a lengthy page and you now wish to scroll back to the top of the page,    tap the title bar at the top of the screen.
  7. For security purposes if you would like to lock your iPad go to settings, then select “general” located on the left side of the screen. Next, select “passcode lock” in the right column and press the button with the text “turn passcode on”. A prompt will appear asking you to enter a four digit numerical pin. For more advanced security feature, you can choose the “erase data feature” as well. However, if you choose this option, all data will be erased off of the iPad if the pin is typed incorrectly 1o times consecutively.
  8. Spacebar trick- the iPad spacebar will create spaces based on the number of fingers touching the spacebar. For example, if three fingers are placed on the spacebar you will receive three spaces.

Have you learned any special tips while using your iPad?

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