VPN: Connecting to the Pace Network from Home

In order to access your work computer from outside the Pace University network, you’ll need a remote desktop app like Wyss PocketCloud, or RDP Lite. But the first thing you need to do is use VPN to connect to the Pace network.

To enable VPN on your iPad:

Step 1: Install the “Cisco AnyConnect” app, and open it

Step 2: Add a VPN connection

Tap "Add VPN Connection..."

Step 3: Name the connection, enter server address (vpn.pace.edu)

Description: give it a name; Server Address: enter vpn.pace.edu; Tap "Save"

Step 4: Connect!

Tap the 'Off' button to switch it to 'On'

Step 5: Authenticate using your Pace credentials.

Enter your Pace username and password, then tap "Connect"

You should now be connected to the Pace network.

Now you’re ready to remotely access your Pace computer from your iPad!¬†Click here to learn how, using RDP Lite.

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