February iPad Group Meeting

Below you will find some of the highlights from our February iPad meeting. We were so pleased to have Professor Elizabeth Berro and Professor Barry Morris as faculty presenters. They shared the many exciting ways in which they have used the iPad to enhance their courses. Chris Levy of ITS, presented the topic of Dropbox–iWorks integration.

Professor Berro’s experiences:

Professor Berro applied for a grant which allowed 20 of her students to receive iPads. The iPads are used to support interactive learning in the classroom.
Some of Professor Berro’s goals include :

  • entirely eliminating PowerPoint presentations
  • minimizing lecture time
  • enhancing group activities

iPad Application in NUR 422:

Apps Used:

  • Epocrates: reference for drug interactions
    • In-class application: research various drug interactions
  • Board Game Tools: timer, scorecard, dice
    • In-class application: used for in-class quizzes and exercises

Professor Berro collaborated with textbook editors to make the course textbooks available in ebook format.

  • In-class application: Students easily flip through the ebooks to look at diagrams and other important information.

Things She Liked About Using the iPad to Teach:

  • ease with which she is able to find relevant apps
  • portability

Professor Morris’ experiences:
Professor Morris’ students have a total of 10 iPads which encourages them to work in pairs. He has designed an interactive game which keeps his students engaged in the course content.

App Recommendations:

iPad Application in COM 481:

Chris Levy

Dropbox-iWorks integration:

You can use DropDAV to save iWorks files to your Dropbox account.

App Purchases

Contact Lawrence Robcke for information on app purchases

If you would like to appear as a faculty presenter at one of our upcoming iPad meetings, please feel free to contact Beth Gordon Klingner  at bklingner@pace.edu or Martina Blackwood at mblackwood@pace.edu. We look forward to seeing you at the next iPad meeting. The room location of the next iPad meeting will be posted as soon as that information is available.

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