The iPad Challenge!

If you are currently using your iPad merely as a mobile social device, while reserving serious tasks for your laptop or desktop, then you are not alone. Although many people are still buzzing over the iPads, they have yet to release their firm  grip on their traditional machines. When they need to do more than send a few emails, take notes and browse the app store, they immediately turn to standard desktops and laptops. Have you ever attempted to use your iPad as your main computerized device?  If you are willing to use your iPad only for at least a week, please document your experience and share it with all of us on the iPad blog.Your story may be just the inspiration that we need to see if the iPad can replace our laptops and desktops. You may also help us to discover why we may never fully release our desktops and laptops from our clutches.

Are you willing to take the iPad challenge?

3 thoughts on “The iPad Challenge!

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  2. If you grant the exception of using the laptop to sync the iPad, I would be able to help most weeks. The one thing I can’t do on my iPad unfortunately is input final grades, so the next couple of weeks are bad. Other than that I will be happy to accept your challenge.

  3. Hello
    This exception has been granted. After you have taken the challenge, please feel free to share your experience with the entire group through this blog!

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