April iPad Meeting Highlights

If you’ve heard the buzz around campus about the April iPad meetings, this post will provide you with the meeting highlights.

Three Apple representatives visited the New York City and Pleasantville campuses with ideas on classroom integration of the iPad. They also arrived with iPads loaded with interesting apps for us to use during their presentation. They wowed us with apps we had never used and they provided us with concrete suggestions on how to create and distribute personalized course material using the iPad.

Over the years you have likely used several textbooks from various publishers, but you may not have found books that offer everything you wish to present to your students.  Electronic publishing, or ePub as it is commonly called, will allow you to author your own content and include rich media like pictures, videos and podcasts. You can use Pages and other iPad resources to begin creating your own documents on the iPad. You can even sell your electronic publication on ITunes!

During our session we also examined iPad apps like Inkling, which will allow students to buy an entire ebook or purchase specific chapters from the textbook. Imagine assigning different chapters from different textbooks without having to ask students to buy several complete textbooks.

Although it has not been on the market very long, the iPad has already helped to make the idea  of ubiquitous computing a realization for countless people.

How would you use the iPad in your classroom?

Please feel free to attend the next exciting iPad meeting during the month of May.

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