11/25/11- iPad meeting recap

The iPad meeting held on 11/25 went over the basics, when downloading the iOS 5.  The meeting was very productive and we were left with some helpful advice as well as an introduction to some cool new features:

1) When updating to iOS 5 make sure to back up the data then upgrade or your information and apps will be lost

2) One new iOS 5 feature is imessage which lets you send unlimited text messages via Wi-Fi or 3G from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to anyone with an appleID.

3) Another new feature is notifications can now pop up as an alert, a banner or not at all (banner only last about 3 seconds)

4) iCloud is a new feature that is used to hold all your music, photos, videos, documents and more and wirelessly share them between all your apple devices. Every device you have set up on the iCloud automatically sync with each other. You can now also view and download your documents and Data from Numbers, Pages and Keynote in one convenient place iCloud.com.

5)  New to the iCloud network is Photostream, which automatically takes your photos and shares them between all your devices.  The pictures are stored on Photostream for 30 days and do not take up space on your device unless you transfer them to your iPhoto.


All in all there are a lot of new features  to discover on the new iOS 5 and we will be sure to cover them.

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