So Much in 8×10

By: Samantha Finch

When I got the email over the summer explaining that my creative course would be experimenting with iPads in the classroom, I wasn’t sure what to think beside that this would be a learning experience whether or not anything came from it. I had used the iPad informally before, the usual taking pictures with my friends, making home videos, downloading a zombie app–basically all the stuff that makes the iPad a part of every young adults life.  But the academic setting of this pilot project provoked my curiosity.  Since this course began about 8 weeks ago, I have leaned beyond just the controls of this touch screen computer to discover the significant amount of capabilities it has.

As a classroom tool it provides all the essentials of a laptop or a desktop in a tiny 8×10 format. It allows students to interact with each other, the professor, and opens the door to possibilities for the future of Pace University and education in general. The plethora of apps can ensure every person will find something he or she desires. Educational apps allow for students to grow both in knowledge of source material but also in technological advancements. Programs like Creative Writing (one of the apps we use in the Fiction Writing class) give a new spin on daily writing assignment making it easy to write, send, and save.  Overall, the movement into the technological era has only begun, and the iPad is beginning to surpass a textbook, notebook, a pen, and a binder. It seems only logical to follow the road of the keyboard.

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This Unique Device

By: Danny Laux

Ever since I was given my iPad, I have greatly enjoyed it & found it very helpful with my schoolwork & other things as well. With this unique device, I have been able to take quick notes for my class, I have been able to read lots of web documents from it, I have been able to submit many of my documents for my classes through it & I have been able to use it during my leisure time. To make things better, it was much lighter & easier to carry than my regular laptop.

Oh, how I do hope that there are more classes where we can use an iPad. If there are, then I would be very happy! If there is any college professor who would like to try something new for their next semester in teaching, then you should certainly give the iPad a try & it just might work out for your class as it did with mine.

Well, I guess that’s all I can really say about the iPad. If anyone reading this has one, I hope you enjoy it & I hope it comes in handy when you need/want it next. Just be sure to keep it charged, because they can’t stay running forever! Oh & be sure to treat it well as well, because these things aren’t invincible to damage. But anyway, just be sure to take care of it and enjoy it as well!

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Seeing the Light



By: Steve Clemente

I was always curious about the iPad when it first came out. I thought to myself that it was just an overgrown iPod and that it was kind of a useless item and that I could only see myself using it for entertainment such as sorting music or going on YouTube or even checking my Facebook.

Then a couple of my friends bought their own iPads and were constantly using and bragging about it and how it was so good and that it does so much. Shortly after, the iPad 2 came out and they sold their iPad 1’s in order to get the second generation one. At this point I still did not see the use of the iPad because I still felt that I would only be using it for entertainment rather than important things.

Now that I am in this creative writing class and I have an iPad, I never realized how much I would be using it for actual important things such as blackboard assignments and sending out emails. I definitely would love to see if I can get an iPad in the near future.

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12/14 iPad meeting highlights

Yesterday was our last iPad meeting of the semester and it was a good one.  Dr Angeline Yoder from the College of Central Florida presented her PowerPoint entitled All I Take To Class Is My iPad.  Please click here to access Dr. Yoder’s PowerPoint presentation.

Dr. Jonathan Hill and students Jeremy Pease and Anthony Perrone  from the Seidenberg School of Computer Science updated the group on the Seidenberg Creative Lab. The Seidenberg Creative Lab consists of an organized development team that creates websites as well as  iPad and iPhone apps for nonprofit organizations. They talked about a number of different development tools and applications that they use such as Notepad++, Eclipse, Xcode, Codebase, and Phonegap. Phonegap allows a user to bridge created apps to a specific platform.  They also talked about the challenges involved in learning Objective C, the computer language needed to develop apps.  Anthony received a crash course in Objective C by following the Objective C course taught at Stanford University which has been made available through iTunes U.  You can access iTunes U from iTunes itself, and listen to the lectures while honing your Objective C skills.

 Even though the semester is coming to an end, the iPad blog isn’t, we will continue to post student reactions from Jane Collin’s class so please keep reading.
Thank you for your support of our iPad meetings, we will post the 2012 meeting dates soon.

 Have a happy holiday and a refreshing New Year.

Making Connections

By: Amanda Morey

My experience with the iPad in this course has been overall very good. It is much more lightweight than a laptop and I do not feel like it blocks me off from the rest of the class while using it as a laptop often does.

Also, that we can e-mail the comments we’ve made about each other’s work to the author is very beneficial. In my opinion, it could be the best thing about using an iPad for this course. I have taken work shopping courses before where we did not have the opportunity to use iPads. The students would just write out their comments and if they volunteered tell the author what they thought and the author of the piece would take notes. E-mailing the comments is more efficient and the author being work shopped gets the opportunity to read the comments of all the students in the class- and of course the professor.

As with everything, there are cons to it as well. The only significant one I can really think of is a sometimes spotty Internet connection. Though I am not sure I can really blame that on the iPad.

Overall, I would certainly recommend use of the iPad in the classroom to any work shopping class. As well as any class in general, because I think all classes could benefit from it.

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Love those Apple Products

 By: Kirstie Stutz

I bought my iPad within the first month it was released. I’m one of those people that love their Apple products! Normally, I would bring my MacBook to class to take notes. I’ve found that using my iPad is so much easier. It’s lighter, it’s not in the way of seeing what’s in front of me and it doesn’t take up the entire desk. I really like the fact that I don’t have to waste paper products. Everything is saved right on my iPad or emailed.  I would love if all teachers began incorporating iPads into the classroom. It would be even better if all of our textbooks were on our iPads as well. Maybe the cost would be cheaper, and we wouldn’t have to lug giant textbooks around. I know some people are used to using paper and don’t really want to change their ways, but there are so many more things that we could incorporate into the classrooms that have never been done before. It’s time to begin using the technology that is available for us to better the experience we have in our classrooms.

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November iPad meting Recap

Hello All,

November 29th was our third iPad meeting.  To recap:

  • Dr. Jane Collins talked about how she uses her iPad in her creative writing course.  Every student in the course has an iPad and over the last two weeks we have been posting their experiences with using the iPad in the classroom.  Two  of her students also presented at the  meeting.  You can click here to read more about Jane Collins’ creative writing course and here for Veronica Goin’s experience using the iPad in school.
  • Dr. Andrew Wier talked about the iPad cart the Biology department will receive very shortly. There are many apps and uses for the iPad in the sciences, so faculty plan on exploring various features of this technology.
  • Dr. Martina Blackwood talked about an app named E-Clicker.  It is a personal response system that allows teachers to poll their class during a lesson.  It provides teachers with the real-time feedback to help improve understanding of the course in a quicker way.  E-Clicker system is made up of two companion apps: the host app and the client app.  Teachers use the host app to create questions and begin polling sessions; students use the client app to enter their responses once polling has started. If students do not have access to the app, they can still participate from a computer or their smartphone.  The Host app cost $9.99 and the client app is free.
The next iPad meeting will be held on December 14 at 12pm.  It will be located in Miller 16 on the Pleasantville campus and E-319 on the New York City campus.  We look forward to seeing you there.

I Love This iPad

By: Allie Olender

  I love this iPad. It’s compact and easy to carry around. It’s both fun and functional. It’s almost perfect.

  It has become my best friend before I go to sleep. My roommate goes to sleep much earlier than I do some nights and I’m a movie junkie. I always feel awkward leaving the television on when she’s trying to sleep, so instead, I just whip out my iPad now and watch something on Netflix or a movie I’ve bought on iTunes with my earbuds in.

  It’s also become incredibly helpful with my schoolwork and emails. I’m a part of a sorority and also involved on campus in many other organizations, so being able to send out a quick email and access all of my old emails is a great thing for me. I used to use my blackberry, but sometimes that’s much harder for me to look back on who I have received emails from in the past. The iPad lets me see everything I need to.

  In other classes, I’ve downloaded the Blackboard for iPad app and that has helped me view all of my notes and power point presentations on my iPad as the professor is going over them. It’s really helped me stay on top of my homework and projects in all my classes.

  If I were to pick out some negative things about my iPad I could probably only think of a few (I mean, it’s an iPad, not too much to complain about). The major issue I have is typing. The number of times I’ve had to erase what I’ve written and rewrite it while writing this is ridiculous. I have trouble hitting the keys without accidentally hitting the one next to it. I’ve been told it gets much easier with practice, so I suppose practice I must.

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It’s Easy

By: Christine Lander

Using the iPad in the classroom has been very helpful. I like that we can all post our stories online and view them on our iPads in class. It is much easier than bringing in laptops because the iPad is so light and easy to carry around. The iPad actually really helped me in another class other than the one the iPad has been given to us for. In my other class, my professor had posted homework but it would not come up on my computer. I was relieved when I tried to open the homework on my iPad and saw that it came up. I was able to do the assignment because of my iPad. I have also been helped by my iPad because I have been able to begin typing assignments on it when I am not near a computer. If I wish to finish the assignment on a computer, I can simply email it to myself from my iPad and continue working on it on a computer.
I used to think that I wouldn’t want to use an electronic device at all times in the classroom. However, after using the iPad in English class and using it for other assignments, I see that it is very helpful. I could see myself using only an iPad. It may take some getting used to, but in a short time I think it would prove to be very helpful. Having textbooks on the iPad would save you from having to carry heavy textbooks around. I also think it would prevent students from forgetting to bring their books to class; they would only need to remember to bring their iPads. I have not taken notes in class on my iPad, but I would like to try it. I believe there are styluses that allow you to write directly on the iPad screen in certain applications. This is something I would consider because if you need to draw a picture or diagram in your notes, you could easily do so with a stylus. However, when only text is needed in your notes, typing works very well also.
I have been very satisfied with using the iPad in the classroom and with using it to complete various assignments. I will be sad to part with it at the end of the semester, but I am enjoying my time using it while it lasts. I would recommend that the iPad be used in other classes as well in order to assist students in their classes and give them a new experience in the classroom.

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