It’s Easy

By: Christine Lander

Using the iPad in the classroom has been very helpful. I like that we can all post our stories online and view them on our iPads in class. It is much easier than bringing in laptops because the iPad is so light and easy to carry around. The iPad actually really helped me in another class other than the one the iPad has been given to us for. In my other class, my professor had posted homework but it would not come up on my computer. I was relieved when I tried to open the homework on my iPad and saw that it came up. I was able to do the assignment because of my iPad. I have also been helped by my iPad because I have been able to begin typing assignments on it when I am not near a computer. If I wish to finish the assignment on a computer, I can simply email it to myself from my iPad and continue working on it on a computer.
I used to think that I wouldn’t want to use an electronic device at all times in the classroom. However, after using the iPad in English class and using it for other assignments, I see that it is very helpful. I could see myself using only an iPad. It may take some getting used to, but in a short time I think it would prove to be very helpful. Having textbooks on the iPad would save you from having to carry heavy textbooks around. I also think it would prevent students from forgetting to bring their books to class; they would only need to remember to bring their iPads. I have not taken notes in class on my iPad, but I would like to try it. I believe there are styluses that allow you to write directly on the iPad screen in certain applications. This is something I would consider because if you need to draw a picture or diagram in your notes, you could easily do so with a stylus. However, when only text is needed in your notes, typing works very well also.
I have been very satisfied with using the iPad in the classroom and with using it to complete various assignments. I will be sad to part with it at the end of the semester, but I am enjoying my time using it while it lasts. I would recommend that the iPad be used in other classes as well in order to assist students in their classes and give them a new experience in the classroom.

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