I Love This iPad

By: Allie Olender

  I love this iPad. It’s compact and easy to carry around. It’s both fun and functional. It’s almost perfect.

  It has become my best friend before I go to sleep. My roommate goes to sleep much earlier than I do some nights and I’m a movie junkie. I always feel awkward leaving the television on when she’s trying to sleep, so instead, I just whip out my iPad now and watch something on Netflix or a movie I’ve bought on iTunes with my earbuds in.

  It’s also become incredibly helpful with my schoolwork and emails. I’m a part of a sorority and also involved on campus in many other organizations, so being able to send out a quick email and access all of my old emails is a great thing for me. I used to use my blackberry, but sometimes that’s much harder for me to look back on who I have received emails from in the past. The iPad lets me see everything I need to.

  In other classes, I’ve downloaded the Blackboard for iPad app and that has helped me view all of my notes and power point presentations on my iPad as the professor is going over them. It’s really helped me stay on top of my homework and projects in all my classes.

  If I were to pick out some negative things about my iPad I could probably only think of a few (I mean, it’s an iPad, not too much to complain about). The major issue I have is typing. The number of times I’ve had to erase what I’ve written and rewrite it while writing this is ridiculous. I have trouble hitting the keys without accidentally hitting the one next to it. I’ve been told it gets much easier with practice, so I suppose practice I must.

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