November iPad meting Recap

Hello All,

November 29th was our third iPad meeting.  To recap:

  • Dr. Jane Collins talked about how she uses her iPad in her creative writing course.  Every student in the course has an iPad and over the last two weeks we have been posting their experiences with using the iPad in the classroom.  Two  of her students also presented at the  meeting.  You can click here to read more about Jane Collins’ creative writing course and here for Veronica Goin’s experience using the iPad in school.
  • Dr. Andrew Wier talked about the iPad cart the Biology department will receive very shortly. There are many apps and uses for the iPad in the sciences, so faculty plan on exploring various features of this technology.
  • Dr. Martina Blackwood talked about an app named E-Clicker.  It is a personal response system that allows teachers to poll their class during a lesson.  It provides teachers with the real-time feedback to help improve understanding of the course in a quicker way.  E-Clicker system is made up of two companion apps: the host app and the client app.  Teachers use the host app to create questions and begin polling sessions; students use the client app to enter their responses once polling has started. If students do not have access to the app, they can still participate from a computer or their smartphone.  The Host app cost $9.99 and the client app is free.
The next iPad meeting will be held on December 14 at 12pm.  It will be located in Miller 16 on the Pleasantville campus and E-319 on the New York City campus.  We look forward to seeing you there.

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