Love those Apple Products

 By: Kirstie Stutz

I bought my iPad within the first month it was released. I’m one of those people that love their Apple products! Normally, I would bring my MacBook to class to take notes. I’ve found that using my iPad is so much easier. It’s lighter, it’s not in the way of seeing what’s in front of me and it doesn’t take up the entire desk. I really like the fact that I don’t have to waste paper products. Everything is saved right on my iPad or emailed.  I would love if all teachers began incorporating iPads into the classroom. It would be even better if all of our textbooks were on our iPads as well. Maybe the cost would be cheaper, and we wouldn’t have to lug giant textbooks around. I know some people are used to using paper and don’t really want to change their ways, but there are so many more things that we could incorporate into the classrooms that have never been done before. It’s time to begin using the technology that is available for us to better the experience we have in our classrooms.

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