Making Connections

By: Amanda Morey

My experience with the iPad in this course has been overall very good. It is much more lightweight than a laptop and I do not feel like it blocks me off from the rest of the class while using it as a laptop often does.

Also, that we can e-mail the comments we’ve made about each other’s work to the author is very beneficial. In my opinion, it could be the best thing about using an iPad for this course. I have taken work shopping courses before where we did not have the opportunity to use iPads. The students would just write out their comments and if they volunteered tell the author what they thought and the author of the piece would take notes. E-mailing the comments is more efficient and the author being work shopped gets the opportunity to read the comments of all the students in the class- and of course the professor.

As with everything, there are cons to it as well. The only significant one I can really think of is a sometimes spotty Internet connection. Though I am not sure I can really blame that on the iPad.

Overall, I would certainly recommend use of the iPad in the classroom to any work shopping class. As well as any class in general, because I think all classes could benefit from it.

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