12/14 iPad meeting highlights

Yesterday was our last iPad meeting of the semester and it was a good one.  Dr Angeline Yoder from the College of Central Florida presented her PowerPoint entitled All I Take To Class Is My iPad.  Please click here to access Dr. Yoder’s PowerPoint presentation.

Dr. Jonathan Hill and students Jeremy Pease and Anthony Perrone  from the Seidenberg School of Computer Science updated the group on the Seidenberg Creative Lab. The Seidenberg Creative Lab consists of an organized development team that creates websites as well as  iPad and iPhone apps for nonprofit organizations. They talked about a number of different development tools and applications that they use such as Notepad++, Eclipse, Xcode, Codebase, and Phonegap. Phonegap allows a user to bridge created apps to a specific platform.  They also talked about the challenges involved in learning Objective C, the computer language needed to develop apps.  Anthony received a crash course in Objective C by following the Objective C course taught at Stanford University which has been made available through iTunes U.  You can access iTunes U from iTunes itself, and listen to the lectures while honing your Objective C skills.

 Even though the semester is coming to an end, the iPad blog isn’t, we will continue to post student reactions from Jane Collin’s class so please keep reading.
Thank you for your support of our iPad meetings, we will post the 2012 meeting dates soon.

 Have a happy holiday and a refreshing New Year.

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