Seeing the Light



By: Steve Clemente

I was always curious about the iPad when it first came out. I thought to myself that it was just an overgrown iPod and that it was kind of a useless item and that I could only see myself using it for entertainment such as sorting music or going on YouTube or even checking my Facebook.

Then a couple of my friends bought their own iPads and were constantly using and bragging about it and how it was so good and that it does so much. Shortly after, the iPad 2 came out and they sold their iPad 1’s in order to get the second generation one. At this point I still did not see the use of the iPad because I still felt that I would only be using it for entertainment rather than important things.

Now that I am in this creative writing class and I have an iPad, I never realized how much I would be using it for actual important things such as blackboard assignments and sending out emails. I definitely would love to see if I can get an iPad in the near future.

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