This Unique Device

By: Danny Laux

Ever since I was given my iPad, I have greatly enjoyed it & found it very helpful with my schoolwork & other things as well. With this unique device, I have been able to take quick notes for my class, I have been able to read lots of web documents from it, I have been able to submit many of my documents for my classes through it & I have been able to use it during my leisure time. To make things better, it was much lighter & easier to carry than my regular laptop.

Oh, how I do hope that there are more classes where we can use an iPad. If there are, then I would be very happy! If there is any college professor who would like to try something new for their next semester in teaching, then you should certainly give the iPad a try & it just might work out for your class as it did with mine.

Well, I guess that’s all I can really say about the iPad. If anyone reading this has one, I hope you enjoy it & I hope it comes in handy when you need/want it next. Just be sure to keep it charged, because they can’t stay running forever! Oh & be sure to treat it well as well, because these things aren’t invincible to damage. But anyway, just be sure to take care of it and enjoy it as well!

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