So Much in 8×10

By: Samantha Finch

When I got the email over the summer explaining that my creative course would be experimenting with iPads in the classroom, I wasn’t sure what to think beside that this would be a learning experience whether or not anything came from it. I had used the iPad informally before, the usual taking pictures with my friends, making home videos, downloading a zombie app–basically all the stuff that makes the iPad a part of every young adults life.  But the academic setting of this pilot project provoked my curiosity.  Since this course began about 8 weeks ago, I have leaned beyond just the controls of this touch screen computer to discover the significant amount of capabilities it has.

As a classroom tool it provides all the essentials of a laptop or a desktop in a tiny 8×10 format. It allows students to interact with each other, the professor, and opens the door to possibilities for the future of Pace University and education in general. The plethora of apps can ensure every person will find something he or she desires. Educational apps allow for students to grow both in knowledge of source material but also in technological advancements. Programs like Creative Writing (one of the apps we use in the Fiction Writing class) give a new spin on daily writing assignment making it easy to write, send, and save.  Overall, the movement into the technological era has only begun, and the iPad is beginning to surpass a textbook, notebook, a pen, and a binder. It seems only logical to follow the road of the keyboard.

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