Ode to the iPad

This semester Dr. Jane Collins is leading an ENG 308 class in which the students are relying entirely on iPads to do their course work!  Similar to her pilot last semester in her other ENG class, this semester has started off extremely well and the students and Dr. Collins are really enjoying their time with their iPads.  Over the next few posts we will share some poems that they have written about their experiences with their new device.  Enjoy!!


“Dear iPad”
By Ahlia Rivera
Dear iPad,
I wanted you, but could not have you.
Now we have just a few moments together.
Let’s make these months sweet and passionate.
Let’s make great memories together.
I will be sad when you leave me, but I know
I will soon see you again.
Student with iPad on Loan


By Ashley Bressingham
I don’t see much use for you,
since I am currently in a committed
relationship with my Mac. Although
you don’t have as much
baggage, I can deal with the burdens I
bring with me because I am so
attached to my relationship. You are not
mine to have and hold. Only a fling,
where we both get what we want
Out of each other. I can see myself
with my Mac forever – you will
eventually leave me.


“The Edge”
By Casey Woods
When I first saw you I was disgusted
The thought of being so careful with you drove me crazy
Thought of your new technology pushed me to the edge
But as we grew together
The edge became less scary
Maybe the edge was just in my imagination


“World in My Hands”
by Kathleen Melhorn
Dear iPad,
I knew you would emit joy from the moment I laid eyes on you.
I love the wonders you bring me,
You are the most intelligent of your kind
But also the original of your species
Chic and cool you are summer waters filled with happy families.
All excited to have a big piece of their world
Something much bigger than themselves.
I can swim as far as I can and I still will never see all you have to offer.
Unless I take a boat and glide across,
But that is sailing over your possibility
So much more lies beneath your surface that I will never see
So many people love to hold you like a small child
But you are no one’s incapable baby
You have the brain of Einstein
And I can see into your greatness with one click of a button.
“Half of Me”
by Aaron White
You have put my imagination to shame
becoming that playmate I’ve been longing for.
You have Transformed my backpack into a
backpack, instead of a paperweight.
You have become handy,
like an umbrella in the rain or
a shovel in the snow
Let’s have as many dances as we can
before we have to kiss and say goodbye



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