May 8th, 2012 iPad Meeting

Hello again iPad users,

We just had our last iPad meeting of the semester and this one got us excited for what the iPad has in store for future semesters. The theme of the meeting was using the iPad in the classroom. Even though a lot of students on our campus may not have an iPad, maybe the experiences shared by the professors at Seton Hill University might have changed some minds about investing in one.

Our guests were professors and directors from Seton Hill University. Melissa Alsing who is the director of IT and Dennis Stern, who is an English professor at the university, talked about everyone on campus having an iPad and MacBook in their own hands. This program is called the Griffin Technology Advantage. He talked about the integration of iPads in the classroom and he talked about ways he used them in class. You can watch some videos here explaining how professors and students love using the iPad and how it helps them in class. Two other guests from Seton Hill were Kathy Harris and Mary Spataro, who both work in Education/Teaching. They described the experience of using iPads in class as encouraging. They enjoyed the fact that students were more engaged and more motivated to do well.

One main question posed was whether or not there are useful apps that students can really utilize in class? The answer is yes with apps like Blackboard or even simple note taking apps. One of our other guests from Apple, Steve Prekop asked a very important question which was, “Are there any classes on making apps? Taking classes like these no matter what skill level can be a great thing to take as  you may come up with the new coolest app that everyone uses on the iPad!”

We hope after reading and looking around Seton Hill University’s website that this might convince you to get an iPad. The model that they have adopted of an “iPad 2 for Everyone” is nothing short of a brilliant way to set their students up for successful college careers. iPads are great for classes as you feel more engaged and more excited to learn. There are many subject specific apps that help you reinforce what you already know, as well as give you the tools needed to take the next step in your course.

This was a very successful semester and we hope to see you come September with your iPad at our kick off meeting (date, time, and location TBD). If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them here or bring them to the next meeting.

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