App Spotlight: Find My iPhone

Have you wondered what you would do if you ever lost your iPad?! Well I have, but have no fear, there is an app that will find your iPad if you lose it! The app is actually called Find My iPhone. What this app allows you to do is sync your Apple iCloud account and track your iPhone or iPad anywhere on the go. You can track your iPad from a computer at school, work, or even from your mobile device. But here is the great thing; if you lose your iPad you can track its exact location and be able to find it! There are many great features built into this app. If you do lose your iPad you can  play a sound which can help you to locate it if it is nearby. You can also lock the iPad remotely, or even erase all data from your iPad so no thieves can gain access to your information.  To get started simply download the Find My iPhone app on the device you wish you track and then sign in on a computer or another Internet enabled device at and track your iPad!

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