October 23rd, 2012 iPad Meeting

Hello iPad users! We had our 2nd meeting this semester and we talked about some great Apps. If you own an iPad you know you can’t survive without good apps so sit back and enjoy as we talk about some cool apps you can use everyday.

First, as a Pace University student you have a resource called an E-Portfolio. An e-portfolio is a little showcase of yourself as you can write a little about yourself, post some great work you have done in your classes, and upload your resume as well. But have you ever wondered if you would be able to upload anything onto your E-Portfolio on the go? Pace users can now upload images and videos with their mobile devices with PortfolioUp. This free app allows users to take pictures/videos from their mobile device and upload it directly to the files section on ePortfolio. For more information on this app head over to our Pace University E-Portfolio Blog!

Forget about annotating your textbooks and not being able to sell it, because there is an app right under all of our noses that will cure all of everyone’s problem, Adobe Reader!

We all know what Adobe Reader can do, you can read any PDF files but what it never let you do was to actually treat what your reading like a real book. In the newest version you can highlight, underline, mark, leave a comment and you can even sign your own name on the file. And the best part of this, is that you are able to read it the same way on a computer so you have no worries on anything going missing if you want to read it on a computer.

This is a great app for those wanting to read something like a textbook and that they want to keep track and want to highlight some important information. From experience this app has really helped me understand what I was reading and helped me study better for my finals. This app is recommended for teachers as well as they can highlight or note the things they may want to discuss in their classes!

Lastly we talked about an app that can work like a PC called Onlive. Onlive is an app that allows you work like you were on a PC. You can work with a Microsoft Word, Excel or even Powerpoint document. When you create an account with Onlive you can save your files onto your account which you can get access anywhere with internet! Onlive is good for those who love the iPad but might want to get the PC feel again.

Our next iPad meeting will be held Wednesday, November 28 12:20-1:20pm. All meetings will be held via video conference  in Miller 16 in PLV and Civic E319 in NYC. We hope to see you there!

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