November 28th iPad Meeting

Hello iPad Users!

During this meeting we discussed a new,  great App called Lecture Tools.

Searching for this great new App? This is what it looks like!

Student Overview

Lecture Tools is a student response system that allows students to take notes linked with the slides and videos presented in class, answer instructor generated questions, and anonymously ask questions to the instructor. Often students do not want to ask a question in front of their peers or even to their professor because they fear the embarrassment of asking questions, but with this application, as a student, the process of question asking can be worry free! Additionally, sometimes certain topics can become confusing to a student or a majority of students, but again students are embarrassed to express their frustration understanding a topic during class and will quietly go to the instructor after class. This application also allows students to flag slides right away so the instructor can see if just one student is having difficulty or a majority of students, and then can spend more time with the whole class on the topic or one on one with the one student who didn’t understand the material. After class this content can be accessed for review.

Instructor Overview

First, instructors can use the web application to upload slides and videos (such a Youtube) and add many different types of  interactive questions . This will make it easier to prepare the material that is going to be discussed in class.  Once uploaded students can then use the iPad app ( or web app) to participate in class.  Instructors can hide slides until they want to reveal them to the class, and then click publish so students can then see the slide that was once hidden. Nonetheless, students cannot skip ahead to view future slides. At the end of the lesson, the instructor will have a report card to see how much a student participated and interacted. The content will always be accessible to the students as long as the instructor wishes to keep it available. The Lecture Tools application has been independently shown to increase engagement, especially in large classes.

Here Are Some Demo Slides

This image shows a slide with content on the material being discussed in class.

Shows visual content within the slide.
Any kind of media can be used with the slides.

Interactive Questions

This slide shows a question being asked by the instructor in which the students can reply to the answer they think is correct.

Another visual content slide that shows the areas in North America that contain that type of rock.

Another interactive question in which this time one would have to tap the iPad to click on the part of the volcano they think is the crater.

Additionally, one of the neatest features of Lecture Tools is that you don’t need an iPad or even a laptop to respond to questions the teacher presents within the app.  As long as you link your account with your phone number, you can text the answer directly from your mobile phone.

There you have a brief overview of Lecture Tools! Hopefully we will be seeing it used at Pace in the near future!

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