February iPad Meeting: Air Display Demo

Today we had a presentation about a very cool and innovative app that could change the way teaching is executed in the modern day classroom.  The app is called Air Display and it is made by a company called Avatron.

Air Display is used in many instances simply as a second monitor for those that have a laptop or lack a second monitor and need that capability.  So it will extend your desktop and comes in handy when i.e. comparing documents side by side.

In investigating further, we have discovered it also has a mirror mode which, when connected to a PC or MAC computer (and after a simple software install), will mirror exactly what is on the computer screen on your iPad.  That’s not where it ends.  You also are able to control the computer directly from the iPad with the touch of your finger, with practically no limitations.  The response is in real time, with no delay, and you can navigate through your PowerPoint, browse to a website, or just search for a folder just as if you were standing in front of the classroom podium utilizing the computer with a traditional mouse and keyboard.

But that’s just it; you are no longer tethered to the podium. 

You can move around the classroom freely and have more interaction with the students now.  You can keep an even closer eye on their actions and ensure they are on point and ready to learn and interact.






Furthermore, the iPad becomes a mobile annotation tablet with the use of this app.  With the use of Panaboard software (installed on all Educational Media computers in classrooms) you can annotate directly on the iPad.  Whether it is a website, a video, or a PowerPoint slide, you can annotate and save the annotations made for reference at a later time.  Within PowerPoint, all the annotations will save as you go slide to slide (with a prompt after the last slide to save all annotations).  Within other applications, i.e. a web browser, you will want to utilize the built in Panaboard recorder or Echo 360 to record your actions as you go from page to page or between different applications bc there is some erasing you will have to do with your annotations, very similar to what you would do on an actual Panaboard.

So in closing, this app is really useful and unique in the sense that it not only allows you to become untethered from the classroom podium, but it also allows you to annotate via your iPad and also record and save these  annotations for reference at a later time.  Every room with a computer and projector now becomes a Panabord ready room with the use of this application.

We highly recommend some further training to gain a better idea of what this app can do for your classroom.  For a demo, initial/further training or general information please contact Rich Miller (rmiller@pace.edu) or George Chacko (gchacko@pace.edu).  We are currently looking for willing participants to “pilot” this app.  This is an exciting app and anyone interested in participating is welcome provided they are willing to test it out in their classroom and report back to the group with their constructive feedback at a later date/future meeting.

Our next iPad meeting is on March 20th, 2013 @ 12:20pm in the PLV and NYC Videoconference Rooms.