Battle of the Boxes: DropBox vs

There comes a time where you think about storing your files on a cloud server but you don’t know which company to choose. Well two of the biggest companies are Dropbox and which both have apps available for free on the iPad!

Here are some major differences between Dropbox and when you use it on the iPad! In Dropbox when you register for an account you get 2GB of free storage which is good, BUT gives you free 5GB storage which is great for those on the go and those who don’t want to carry around their flash drives and risk losing that. When you use both of these apps on the iPad they integrate well with many things such as Pages BUT integrates MANY more apps such as Adobe Reader, Pages, and even a movie player.

Also if you are the type of person who enjoys sharing files with your friends and families is the best way to go because you can actually send the person the exact link to the file where they can download them. Privacy for both apps are great as they both allow you to set permissions on who has access and who doesn’t.

One major factor that made the better choice is the upload and download speed! You can upload your files on average 10 seconds faster then of Dropbox. If you are a person who is on the go and rush then is the choice for you!

The winner of the battle of the apps Round 1 is! But both still make good choices for students and professors of Pace University!

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