iPad 4 vs. iPad Mini

“What is the difference?” is the famous question many customers ask when going to purchase an iPad. One would say there is no difference; it is simply just a miniature version of the iPad with the same functions and performance. However, don’t let the smaller size fool you. Though both iPads deliver the iPad experience, there are some differences that people will overlook.

In this blog, I will help you better understand the differences of these products by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of an iPad and iPad Mini. However, some of these differences are based on user preferences, so you can decide what product is best fit for you. The iPad 4 is “bigger, faster, and stronger,” better for productivity, has better photo and video manipulation, and better for web browsing. It has a 9.7-inch “Retina Display,” (you can’t see the pixels) and has more than four times the graphics power. The iPad Mini, 7.9-inch screen, does not have retina display so you can see the pixels; the screen has the same pixel count as the first-generation iPad (1024×768). This means the graphics on the iPad Mini will have a fuzzy display.

Here’s a screen comparison to illustrate what I mean:









However, rumor has it by next year the iPad Mini 2 will have an even better retina display than the iPad 4. Next, the iPad 4 has twice the amount of processor power than the iPad Mini, and is much stronger as well. With the bigger display on the iPad 4, it makes it better for getting tasks done because an individual can comfortably view web pages without having to zoom in, like they would have to with the iPad Mini. Many customer reviews claimed that the iPad Mini was hard on the eyes. Also, the bigger display is good for software like Pages or Numbers because there is extra space to get work done and a great way to replace laptop use. The smaller display on the iPad Mini is fine for many tasks like watching movies, reading books, music, or playing casual games. Aside from productivity software, the bigger display really helps out if you are planning to do a lot of photo or video editing with the iPad, and with the retina display it allows the user to work with higher resolution photos.

Nonetheless, the iPad Mini does have its advantages as well, those being cost, size, and weight. The iPad Mini is small enough to hold with one hand comfortably, and only weighs 0.68 pounds compared to the 1.44 pound iPad. Many customers complained that the iPad is heavy, which makes it tiring to hold for extended periods of time. Additionally, with a smaller size it is a lot easier to type with, and many people have said this is helpful with emails. The iPad Mini is more mobile than the iPad, easily fitting into a purse or the side pocket of a backpack, making the iPad better for traveling, especially since one will not have to feel like they are lugging around extra weight. Furthermore, the iPad Mini even has access to Siri, Apple’s “intelligent assistant.” However, the number one reason to go with an iPad Mini is the cost. The iPad 4 starts at $499 while the iPad Mini starts at $329, which is $170 in savings or about one-third off the price. For those who want an iPad but feel the price is just a little too high, the iPad Mini is a good choice.

There is no clear perfect choice when picking out the right iPad. For many people, the iPad Mini will do everything they need an iPad to do and they will barely even notice the difference between the two tablets. For others, the bigger screen, sharper graphics and faster processor will make all the difference in the world.


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