iPad App of the Week: iTalk

Students, have you ever found yourself in class about the fall asleep or are your hands just too cramped to copy the notes your professors put up. Teachers have you found yourself a bit lost at times in class and you want to practice your lecture before class starts? Well there is an app where you can actually record yourself speak and it is called iTalk!

iTalk is an app that allows you to record yourself or others (obviously you would need willing participants) and the recording remains on your iPad.  As you can tell from the picture on the left the app not only times how long you are recording but it tells you the sound quality, and the size of the file! This is some useful information because you want to make sure the quality of what you are recording is good and you need to make sure that you don’t  make a file that is too  large, thereby taking up precious  iPad space!

On a personal note I have used this app recently to record one of my professors lectures. I wanted to make sure I had everything ready for finals and I am really glad that I recorded the lecture so I didn’t miss a thing!

For more information you can download the iTalk app in the app store all for free!

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