A Student Perspective

As promised, here is Heather Askildsen’s personal account of how the iPad has been such an asset in her education here at Pace.

Taking two iPad classes at Pace has given me the opportunity to make technology work for me in the classroom and beyond.

When I served as the News Editor at the Pace Chronicle, my iPad was central to my success. Newsstand and NPR’s app gave me round the clock access to news. Also, just being able to check my email between classes helped me to conduct outreached faster and more effectively. I was able to coordinate interviews and touch base with my fellow staff members on the go. No matter how busy my day was, I always had time to fire off or respond to an email.

Being able to record interviews was perhaps the most useful feature. My notes were more accurate and the iPad’s unobtrusive design helped to lessen the stigma of being recorded. And to be perfectly honest, bringing my iPad to an interview seemed to have a positive effect on people in general. It gives you a certain cache, I guess. Instead of fumbling with a pen and a Five Star notebook, I could conduct the interview with my research, my questions, and my notes all in front of me. This not only helped me to be more methodical, but also seemed to inspire confidence in my ability.

The iPad has also helped me to be a more efficient student. The inClass app lets me keep all of my academic and extra-curricular materials all in one place. I can take more detailed notes which can be shared digitally with other students and automatically synch due dates with my Google calendar. Apps like Notability made the process of collecting peer feedback easy. Instead of quickly scribbling down notes, my classmates could simply email my work back to me with their critique.

Overall, my experience with the iPad has been extremely constructive. It allows me to keep everything I do in one place.

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