Apple Spotlight: The new iOS 7!

As you may have heard by now Apple has come out with a new and important update……Introducing the new iOS 7! Recently released back in September many iPhone and iPad users have decided to upgrade their OS to iOS7. Yes the reviews have been mixed but there is no doubt that there are many improvements over iOS6. Here is our guide to iOS7!


To the right is a picture of what iOS7 looks like. Have you noticed anything different? If you have great because there are major differences design wise. Things function the same way, but the design is much better. Like iOS6 the main apps will all have the same design which enables you to feel like everything is in sync. One major difference is the fact that when you open apps like Maps, Notes or Reminders you will see many differences in how the environment is. I for one think new users to iOS7 will enjoy the design aspect of it and upgrading users will slowly, but surely, adopt the new iOS as their own.

Functionality at it’s best!  

With the new iOS7 comes something people have been wanting for a long time….Multitasking! In the new iOS7 users can now move between apps more seamlessly by just double clicking your home button and swiping left or right. It is just that easy. No more having to start over your game or having to wait for your app to relaunch. Now by double clicking the app you want to re-open, it will automatically open where you left off.

Control Center

Another new and great feature is the improved control center.  No longer is it buried deep within your settings menu.  Now a simple swipe from the bottom of your device screen up reveals the easy to access and new and improved layout.

Coming Soon…

Not only is iOS 7 fast, but it’s sleek.  It will look even sleeker on the rumored new iPad 5 and iPad mini 2’s which should be announced at an Apple event on Tuesday October 22nd.  Stay tuned as Apple always has something great up its sleeve.

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