Tuesday 10/25/11 iPad Meeting Overview

Pace University was fortunate enough to have Devin McLaughlin, an Apple Rep join our iPad meeting on 10/25/11 to discuss a few questions that many faculty and staff share as well as discuss iOS 5, the latest software update for iPhone and iPad.  Here is a recap…

Ipads in the class

More and more professors want to integrate iPads into their courses and curriculum for many reasons.  iPads have proven to not only make courses more interesting, but offer a new technology that our generation is jumping into (social media, mobile software programming, apps, etc.) all with great ease.  Pace is among many universities looking to make this transition easier by offering a limited supply of iPad carts to reserve for classrooms looking to take advantage of all they have to offer. (Availability TBA)

iOS 5 Update 

As discussed during the meeting, in order to take advantage of many of the new features that Apple iPad have to offer, it is recommended updating your current device to the new iOS 5.  If you don’t know how to update please click the following link for step by step directions. (http://howto.cnet.com/8301-11310_39-20119358-285/how-to-install-ios-5/)

Important: always make sure to manually backup your information before performing the iOS 5 update. If not, there is a possibility that your information (music, apps, books, notes, etc)

Best of luck updating everyone!  If you run into issues you may always submit a helpdesk ticket and someone will reach out to you as soon as possible. Here is a quick video from the Apple website that shows just what the new iOS can do for you. (http://www.apple.com/ios/gallery.html#video-ios)