8 Steps to edit your ePortfolio on the go!

By Samantha Egan

Editing Your ePortfolio On-the-Go:
How to Add Content From Your iPad and iPhone!


Who isn’t “on-the-go” these days? Make the most of your downtime on the train, plane or wherever your busy day takes you, to update your ePortfolio (step away from the Angry Birds, please)!

Editing on the iPad:

Step 1: Log in to ePortfolio
Step 2: Exit Safari, and go to “Settings”
Step 3: On the Menu bar click Safari and turn OFF JavaScript
Step 4: Exit Settings
Step 5: Go back to Safari
Step 6: When you are back onto ePortfolio click “edit this page”
Step 7: There will be radio buttons that allow you to click and then click an empty bar to place it in that area
Step 8: For editing, just click “Edit” or if you would like to move any section, use the arrow keys located right next to the heading of each section

While you do not have all of the editing options on the iPad that you would on a laptop or computer, these steps make it possible to upload your files to your profile page.

Uploading Images From The iPhone

Did you just snap a great photo from your iPhone that would look great on one of your pages? Waste no time in getting it up there with PortfolioUP- a free application to upload images.  Images are loaded directly from the smart phone to the “My Files” section of your ePortfolio.

Be sure to have your iPhone updated to iOS 4.3 before you download the application.

Step 1: Download “PortfolioUP” from your device’s app store: http://itunes.apple.com/app/portfolioup!/id398444044

Step 2: Go to “authentication settings” to add details like your Mahara URL, username, and password.  Click “save” (you will only need to do this one time)
Step 3: Take a photo, or choose one from the images on the phone
Step 4: Review the photo in preview
Step 5: Input image title and description
Step 6: Click upload

Step 7: Click OK
Step 8: Now acquire another image!


Tuesday 10/25/11 iPad Meeting Overview

Pace University was fortunate enough to have Devin McLaughlin, an Apple Rep join our iPad meeting on 10/25/11 to discuss a few questions that many faculty and staff share as well as discuss iOS 5, the latest software update for iPhone and iPad.  Here is a recap…

Ipads in the class

More and more professors want to integrate iPads into their courses and curriculum for many reasons.  iPads have proven to not only make courses more interesting, but offer a new technology that our generation is jumping into (social media, mobile software programming, apps, etc.) all with great ease.  Pace is among many universities looking to make this transition easier by offering a limited supply of iPad carts to reserve for classrooms looking to take advantage of all they have to offer. (Availability TBA)

iOS 5 Update 

As discussed during the meeting, in order to take advantage of many of the new features that Apple iPad have to offer, it is recommended updating your current device to the new iOS 5.  If you don’t know how to update please click the following link for step by step directions. (http://howto.cnet.com/8301-11310_39-20119358-285/how-to-install-ios-5/)

Important: always make sure to manually backup your information before performing the iOS 5 update. If not, there is a possibility that your information (music, apps, books, notes, etc)

Best of luck updating everyone!  If you run into issues you may always submit a helpdesk ticket and someone will reach out to you as soon as possible. Here is a quick video from the Apple website that shows just what the new iOS can do for you. (http://www.apple.com/ios/gallery.html#video-ios)


iPad Meeting Recap


As you may know, October 12th was the first of our four iPad meetings for the fall 2011 semester.  During the meeting Chris Levy of ITS, discussed what every iPad user should know, he also shared special tips for new and old iPad users.  Here is a link that covers the important topics discussed at our first meeting, including some information we didn’t have time to cover.click here
Please be sure to join us at our next iPad meeting.

April iPad Meeting Highlights

If you’ve heard the buzz around campus about the April iPad meetings, this post will provide you with the meeting highlights.

Three Apple representatives visited the New York City and Pleasantville campuses with ideas on classroom integration of the iPad. They also arrived with iPads loaded with interesting apps for us to use during their presentation. They wowed us with apps we had never used and they provided us with concrete suggestions on how to create and distribute personalized course material using the iPad.

Over the years you have likely used several textbooks from various publishers, but you may not have found books that offer everything you wish to present to your students.  Electronic publishing, or ePub as it is commonly called, will allow you to author your own content and include rich media like pictures, videos and podcasts. You can use Pages and other iPad resources to begin creating your own documents on the iPad. You can even sell your electronic publication on ITunes!

During our session we also examined iPad apps like Inkling, which will allow students to buy an entire ebook or purchase specific chapters from the textbook. Imagine assigning different chapters from different textbooks without having to ask students to buy several complete textbooks.

Although it has not been on the market very long, the iPad has already helped to make the idea  of ubiquitous computing a realization for countless people.

How would you use the iPad in your classroom?

Please feel free to attend the next exciting iPad meeting during the month of May.

Accessibility on Your iPad

Let me start off by saying VoiceOver is not an application, it is a feature that comes already installed on the iPad.  It is also the world’s first gesture-based screen reader for the blind.  Instead of memorizing keyboard commands or pressing tiny arrow keys, you can simply touch the screen to hear a description of the item under your finger, then double-tap, drag, or flick to control your iPad. VoiceOver speaks over 30 languages and works with all of the applications built into iPad, as well as many of the iPad apps already in existence.  To enable this setting all you have to do is go to your settings and in the general tab click on the accessibility button, then switch the VoiceOver feature on.

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VPN: Connecting to the Pace Network from Home

In order to access your work computer from outside the Pace University network, you’ll need a remote desktop app like Wyss PocketCloud, or RDP Lite. But the first thing you need to do is use VPN to connect to the Pace network.

To enable VPN on your iPad:

Step 1: Install the “Cisco AnyConnect” app, and open it

Step 2: Add a VPN connection
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Setting Up Your Pace Email on Your iPad

To set up your Pace email account on your iPad, follow these instructions:

  1. Press the “Home” button to arrive at the iPad’s home screen.
  2. Tap the “Settings” app icon to enter iPad settings.
  3. Tap the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” button to enter the “Mail” settings.
  4. Tap “Add Account” to add a new mail account to the iPad.
  5. Tap “Microsoft Exchange” to set up a new Exchange account.
  6. Enter in the following information for each of the fields:
  7. E-mail address your_Pace_username@pace.edu
    Domain PACE
    Username your_Pace_username
    Password your_Pace_password
    Description give this email account a name
  8. Press Next.
  9. You might get one or more messages:
    • If you receive the message, “Cannot Verify Server Identity,” press Continue.
    • If you receive the message, “Unable to Verify Certificate,” press Accept.
  10. You will see the previous screen appear with a new field labeled Server below Email.
    • Students: Enter m.google.com into the Server field.
    • Faculty/Staff: Enter email.pace.edu into the Server field.
  11. Press Next.
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Getting started using your iPad

Getting Started

Hello all, this is the start of a weekly blog to get you all adjusted to using your iPads.  Each week there will be a post on different apps as well as tips and answers to all of your iPad questions.  This week we will provide you with the information you need to begin using your iPad. First, you must download iTunes on your computer in order to properly use your iPad.  If you need to download iTunes, please click here.  After you download iTunes you can plug your iPad into your computer, follow the on-screen instructions until iTunes displays the setup dialog. When you are asked to do so, you can create an iTunes account and register your iPad.  After you have created your account you can check the different on-screen boxes to sync songs, videos, apps or photos to your iPad, then simply click “done” and you’re ready to go.  Congratulations you are now ready to use your iPad in all its glory. Continue reading